M. F. Hussain no longer an Indian!

MF HussainIn so-called “secular India” which treats Muslims and other minorities like dirt, the famous creative painter and genius M.F. Hussain was forced to leave his homeland because of threats against his life. His crime, of course, is that he’s a Muslim. Now, after living in self-exile since 2006, he’s been given honorary citizenship by the Islamic government of Qatar. Naturally, he has surrendered his Indian nationality.

All Indians should feel deeply ashamed that their Hindu fundamentalists have virtually taken over their country and are now dictating what is right and what is wrong (not unlike the Taliban, who used to enforce their own beliefs on the hapless people of Afghanistan before they were driven out of power). But of course it has been obvious for long that the so-called secularism of India is a facade. Every Indian Hindu yearns for the day when a Hindu empire will stretch from Afghanistan to Indonesia (as it did in the distant past).

India is a country where Muslims, Sikhs and Christians are routinely slaughtered, and nothing is done to bring the killers to justice. Naturally, M. F, Hussain did the right thing in choosing to flee India and accepting Qatar nationality.

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  1. I dont know why every Muslim cribs about the artist, MF Hussain’s (so called) plight which he brought onto himself but treats Taslima Nasreen with same amount of hate. This is clearly a double standard followed by them. And anyone who follows double standard is incapable of entering some meaningful debate. All they will be telling is “Heads? I win, Tails? you loose!!!”.

  2. after reading all these comments i want to ask shakir and all other guys do u knw wht is happening in pakistan ??? how paki gov and people are treating to them especially religious parties?

    well being pakistani and belong from minority i just like to say we are going through hard days in pakistan in every single day we are getting threats even every people get kidnapp and they belong to minority even i think pak dnt want to keep minorities they want to kill are want to get their money wealth everythng,
    even everyone is migrating we dnt knw wht is going to happen in near future.

    we love our country still hope that we will get response of gov and people

  3. Shakir lakhani, you may be a good writer and provocater but you cant be a good person. Only Persons like you create hatred among the heart of pakistani’s against indian. We all know that you are jealous of india’s growth and indian democracy. If our bollywood actresses wear bikini or short cloths or rarely no cloths, because of demand of the plight. These all things are done by hollywood actress too. By the way we respect all religions but we disrespect persons like you. Because you are a fool who knows only 30 percent of fact and that too negative. “Without knowing the fact never try to spread it in public”. Suggestion is only valid for wise man not for fool. Wise people know why i am saying this. But fool like you will never know.
    your research is limited to the extent of pakistani media. Try to explore and use other sources also for your research. Now, we have developed our mind according to time demands. Then what is bad in it. A human being is bored if he do the same work a long period of time. We know how to enjoy our life.
    if you’re talking about MD. Hussain, then for you kind info, I’ll like to tell you that he had left india because of two reasons, first, he had to pay 30 percent of his income as tax and second you know.
    if i talk about massacre, then i never know what you are talking about. We had muslim president. Now we have sikh prime minister.
    You have lack of knowledge about india. Don’t judge by its cover. Wise men will get what i mean. The limited and incomplete knowledge about india leads you to create hatred against us. We never make fun of marriage what pakistani channel did about SHOIB AND SANIA. Just grow up baby. Talk and walk like mature person, don’t talk filthy and non sense. If you spread facts about india, doesn’t matter whether its favourable or unfavourable, we won’t have objection. Otherwise Your powerless word can only shake the legs of foolish men.

  4. lols @ im not a muslim……….i can give u so many reasons about why im more muslim than u, the most important reason being that i dont hate people on the basis of religion and that is because thats what my religion, islam teaches me!!
    tell me my friend in ur country how are the minorities treated?….did u ever have a hindu prez??………in our country the most loved prez by the common ppl is A P J abdul kalam who is a muslim………..and shame on u….u being a muslim support ppl like m f hussain who drew nude pics of ladies in the name of art!!
    and yes u achieved pakistan from india but what did pakistan achieve……it is internationally known as a failed nation and along with it tarnished islam!
    rather than posting hate articles open the quran and read it…..it will give u peace and a cleaner mind.

  5. @ asif khan: looks like you’re not a Muslim. Despite being 15% of Indian’s population, the Indian government, army and bureaucracy don’t have more than 2% Muslims. Even Sikhs and Christians (whjo are only 2% of India’s population) have more representation. Now you know why the Muslims of undivided India struggled and sacrificed so much to achieve Pakistan.

  6. looks like u blindly hate india!!! did u even research before writing this article? he was condemned because he drew nude pics of women and hindu goddess……….and i being an indian muslim can tell u that we r not “slaughtered” everyday, we never are, and if we are equal number of hindus are!!!………..u just hate india dont u?? jealous huh?? 😛

    asif khan
    India, delhi
    and yes religion……we dont specify it!

  7. Dear Friend,
    It is true that M.F. Hussain had threat from Hindu extrimist. In the other hand M.F. Hussain has done blessfamous act for them. He has depicted many Hindu Godess in semi nude. Think if he had done this kind of act against Islam what happaned to him.

  8. Shakir, Firstly, I dont know what you are talking about, You started with the Hindu culture and now you have taken up to Hindu extremists. Secondly, matter of ethnicity, caste and religion to discriminate someone is considered to be a taboo in most of the places in India, Its unfortunate that people are not allowing them to take last breath, they serve as fodder for a lot of them.

    Secondly for Mr.Khan, being an extremist is not a crime, although I am not one. And about the them operating in politics, people decide that through the votes, not some dictator or some other country(eg.USA), its the duty of an Indian citizen to allow or disallow someone from ruling, and as evident in the most recent general elections, they are not allowed to rule. About extremists not ruling some countries, I’d we both know thats not true(I dont know about Yemen)…

    After all these I think this discussion should find and end…So I think I will stop commenting any further unless its worth commenting.

  9. there is little difference

    even though it appears Hindu extremists bring ethnicity, caste and religion into everything

    Islamist extremists are different in their outlook.

    no Muslim country has extremists involved in politics; whether its Egypt, or Yemen, or Pakistan or anywhere else.

    whereas it appears in india they are allowed to operate in politics as well…..such as modi/advani/bal thakeray and gang

  10. Musician: what about raiding restaurants where boys and girls are having dinner or attacking shops which sell Valentine day cards? Is that also one of the side-effects of democracy? What difference is there between Muslim extremists and Hindu extremists if both of them can’t tolerate celebration of Valentines Day or modern art?


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