Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan – Celebrating Pakistan Independence Day

love pakistan independence day

Why people celebrate Birthdays? While I am not personally into such celebrations, Birthdays, in my opinion, present us with an opportunity to thank God for allowing us another year of life and to ask for His blessings for the days to come.

Independence Day is the day when a country or a nation came into being. For us 14th August is the day when we were liberated from the British Raj. The idea of Pakistan’s independence was to get a country where Muslims can live as a nation and would have liberty to perform their religious, social and cultural activities.

Pakistan’s birth was not accidental. It is only country on current world map that was born to be a place for a Muslim state, on the basis of La Ilaha Ill Allah. Ideology of Pakistan was not based on geography alone, or on ethnicity or on caste or creed. In fact, Pakistan is second place after Yathrib where a Muslim state is formed.

While the idea was brilliant and its executors dedicated, things started to take another direction right after birth of Pakistan. Since demise of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, one after another fortune seeker and power hungry tyrant, either in civil dress or uniform, took over the reins. The constitution, media, bureaucracy, judiciary and law enforcement agencies were exploited to accomplish personal goals and vendettas. Sixty years down the line, we are still wondering where to go and many of us argue whether the decision for an independent country was right in the first place.

As 14th August is approaching, people of Pakistan are getting ready for another celebration. However, this year is not same as the previous years. Approaching to its 60th independence day, Pakistan is facing more crisis than it has faced since its birth to date. We have a tyrant for ruler, rumored to declare emergency. Nation is distressed by bloodshed in Karachi, Judicial Crisis, Lal Masjid Massacre and rapidly deteriorating situation in the Northern Areas. The enemies of Pakistan are massing around us, attacking through the media, defaming our mosques and madaris, expanding rifts between institutions and have their eyes on our nuclear assets and our sovergnity.

We need to have consensus that We do love Pakistan, and we need Pakistan more than Pakistan needs us. We should remember that freedom is one of the best and most precious blessings of Allah (swt) and nations who do not appreciate it, remain only in the pages of history books. Also, if we love Pakistan we should prove it by loving our countrymen just as we love our families.

I believe we are at crossroads now and next few months are going to be decisive for us as a nation. This is the time we strengthen our bond with our country and stand upright in front of its enemies. We, as bloggers, have got global reach and we should use this power to spread the message of unity as well as to resist those who try to defame Pakistan.

On this independence day, celebrate with two rakahs of nawafil and thank Allah (swt) for His blessings, beg for His mercy and pray that we get honest and committed leaders.

For those who still have doubts, Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan.

48 thoughts on “Love Pakistan or Leave Pakistan – Celebrating Pakistan Independence Day”

  1. MLN Nawaz sharif addressed in muzaffarabad front of larg crowed his sppech was as usual blaming his opposition what have he done in past and Gen.musharraf was his topic ,mian sahib this old fasion speech will no longer affect on peoples mind and heart. last few term in your Government you have done bulnder mistake. you have disoppointed your party members and as well nation, I would be much happyer you sould focus on nation education system and free health care or creat jobs other development like Kala bagh dame ,New indestries,on tax situation etc but you was only worried about your own business, during your time your foreigh policy and domistec policy was unsatisfied or in botom.because of your failieur and stupid mistake today pakistani nation have being paid big price nation went bed to worse situation. today you asking nation for let you set on vessel steering onec again! so you can sink and drowen TITANIC ! Leader should make right decision? Leader should no ask chance again and again. IF you are patriot then giveup. and Join PTI the THE MAN you called ONE MAN SHOW, but acualey he is A BIG MAN SHOW

  2. Stop forcing you nationalism on every one else. You dont have to love Pakistan to be a Pakistani. As a Pakistani you have the right to dissent, if I was a Ahmadi I would hate the state of Pakistan, which has made me a second class citizen. Loving Pakistan to me mean moving forward, becoming one with the world and respecting our old history which included the hindu, buddist and all the other wonderfull people who lived in this land before my ancestor came.

  3. samim afgan why you feel so lowly of your ancestors who were Hindus?One should atleast respect ancestors whose products are you.
    Have you ever had a hindu friend ?Is static ,rigid ,(bigotry) of centuries old religion really so important in present era of High tech?are today advancements of science not much more relevant?Should one live in cave age in present sci-fi age?

  4. chehre nahin insaan padhe jaate haI,
    mazhab nahin imaan padhe jAAte hain.
    bharat hi aisA mulq hai jaha GEETA aur QURAAN ek saath padhe jaate hai.
    india da gr8.
    no mandir no maszid. we want only peace in india.
    muslim r safe in india…………. better than those in pak.
    pain of muslim is pain of india.

  5. Every honorable citizen will love his motherland. He may critic the establishment or fellow citizens from his point of view. The liberty of constructive criticism/protest forms the backbone of a democratic nation freed from authoritarians and radical fundamentalists.
    With religious fanaticism at its height all over the world, I feel Pakistan, being a one-religion state, is better off

  6. I agree with the samim afghan that we cant any bad or any rubbish about our country our nation pakistan,bas ab Allah se he dua kar saktay hai bas Allah chayay tu sub theek ho sakta hai pakistan may…(Pakistan Zindabad)

  7. @ Ali Asghar: I have lost many relatives in India, in the Gujrat riots in which 3000 Muslims were slaughtered, and in Mumbai in the sixties. I think no Muslim can feel safe in India.

  8. Hi All ,

    I agree to only one thing Pakistan is now sponsoring terrorism , we Muslims in India are more happy than muslims in Pakistan and Afghan , and it goes without saying India is a beautiful country .I have lost my uncle and cosuins in Pakistan in bomb blasts there .For us Indian Muslims , we love our country and Allah is great .

  9. dear all
    however im afghan, and i have only visited pakistan for 1 week, but no one can even think how much i love the great nation of pakistan.
    and i will kill any body who even try to say anything bad about pakistan infront of me. because we afghans are tired of our enslave leaders who are dictating from hindu occupation regime.
    we afghans always support pakistan and pakistanis, we can never forget sacrifies of pakistani and their help for us.
    i wish soon these hindu sponsered TTP will destroy and pakistan tribals will be secure soon.
    allah har pakistani aur afghanio ko salamat rakhie aur dono disho ko pyar me rakhie
    long life the great nation of pakistan and long life afghan-pak brotherhood.


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