Love Marriage vs Arrange Marriage

Is love marriage stronger than arrange marriage? this is the question which mostly puzzles the youth. Marriage is a relationship, which binds not only two souls together but also connects the two families. Love marriage has always been considered as the source of strong relation and satisfaction among spouses. The basic pillar of love marriage is the mental compatibility between the two individuals, making them closer to one another. However, Arrange marriages have always been considered most successful and strong. The biggest merit of Arrange marriage is that love simply develops in the relation with the passage of time.

However, if we look at the demerits of both, we can simply observe that in love marriage, the best part of life is before marriage; and after marriage things suddenly change and “love” wipes out of the love marriage, making it just “marriage”. The biggest disadvantage of love marriage is that even after the marriage, couples do not consider that they have now married; they simply do not recognize their responsibilities after marriage and want to live the life of the lovers only, they feel it difficult to comprehend that their roles have been changed from lovers to husband and wife, they still expect the same from each other without realizing the reality, and this becomes the root of their problems. If we look at the problems of Arrange marriage, it has been observed that the biggest source of tension between the couples is that they do not feel the mental compatibility with their spouses. Even after the long span of time, they fail to recognize the likes and dislikes of each other and expectation gap simply widens.

Whether we do love marriage or arrange but we should always pray to ALLAH that HE must make our marriage the most successful in the every aspect.

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