Let’s pray for the gaurd!

Today I heard the news about the bomb blast at Marriott hotel Islamabad. Shocking!

Today is the Republic day for India and there had to be a function this evening. Some foreign guests were also staying at the hotel.

Some intruder tried to enter the hotel in his car. The security guard suspected him for guilty and did not let him enter the hotel. Meanwhile the bomb blast out there and the guard were dead. So SAD!

Well you would have heard the new that “Bomb blast at Marriott Islamabad, one person dead”, but have you ever thought what would be happening to the family. No! Because we all have become senseless by hearing such news every few days.

The TV or news channels are saying that the hotel has been saved from some major damage because of that guard and the guests have been shifted to some other place. This is just for the reason that the poor guard has sacrificed. Every one admits it and regards it but no one really feels for him.

Let’s raise our hands and pray for that guard. May he be blessed by God and rest in heaven! 

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