Lets Get Together For…

Yesterday I went to my maternal uncle’s house to visit them. They welcomed me warmly and we had lunch together. While sitting on the table I told my uncle about that weeping boy and he was stunned. He also narrated an incident that happened to him. I think I should share it with you.

He told me that he went to Sadder bazar for some reason. There he saw a boy lying on the footpath. His arms and legs were bandaged and he lay unconsciously. Aside him was a doctor prescription that showed that the boy needed money for treatment. People were looking at him and some of them gave money as well. My uncle was shocked at the hospital staff that why were they not treating him although he seriously needed it.

A few days after, he read a report on the same boy in a news paper that it was all trickery.

There was some mafia behind all that sham, who used to inject the boy with some drug that affected him to remain unconscious.

Government should take notice on it seriously and if not we should put our hands together to launch some campaign against them. Why don’t we just simply avoid such road and street beggars by not helping them in any way?

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  1. Yes. I completely agree with u on this issue.
    Some of us help them by paying money due to our sympathy for them but the money we give surely not goes to them or for their benefit but behind the scene there is a Mafia who put them there for begging and it encourages the mafia to expand their business which results in shape of kidnaping of our children and throughing them in this horrible crual life.

    Everyone knows that this Mafia gives a share to upper level so that they are not been disturbed.

    I requests you all to discourage these people and help the actual needy people who usually do not tell anyone that they need help but are poor enough not to meet their daily life’s needs.


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