The story of the weeping boy !

It was 7 o’ clock in eve when my mother called me to accompany her to the bazaar. I took my shawl, put on the socks and went outside. When we reached the end of our lane, we saw a boy who aged between seven to nine years. He was wearing shalwar kameez with a thin torn sweater and no socks in feet though it was very cold outside. To add more he was weeping bitterly. Both of us were shaken at the scene. My mother headed towards him to ask what the matter was. He said that ‘he is a poor boy, his father had died and he lives with his mother and a younger brother. Further he said that his younger brother has swallowed some coins and his mother has taken him to the hospital. The doctor has suggested an operation and they have got no money. So he was begging to pay for the doctors’ fee’. He was asking for Rs.400 and my mother was willing to pay even more. Meanwhile our neighbour was passing from there and my mother called him and told the whole story. He said that the boy is lying. He comes every evening with some more guys with him to beg. Now he has presented a drama to take in the sympathies and more money.

Really to think over that how could a mother send the boy alone in the city to beg at night! The boy was asking only for Rs. 400 when the operation requires amount in thousands. These are the matters to think upon. This is how sympathetic people especially women are easily be fooled and because of such people, those who are really worth privileged remain deprived.

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