Lets Change Our Life

Why suffer in silence? Why inflict self-persecution? Who cares if we burn ourselves out in the dark? No one gives damn if you blame yourself for your follies and bad lucks and other mistakes. So just throw mud on this approach of your life, come on, shed the pain blanket, get up, forget the miseries, look at the persecutions with contempt. Just say “Hell, What could happen after all.” Don’t worry about other, even don’t worry about you. All is will, and all will be will. What maximum could happen?

You need not to worry. Just forget everything else, and focus on your will. Don’t pay attention to your pocket, don’t look at the acne on your face, don’t look at your black pale skin, don’t look at your bulging belly, don’t look at your bald head, don’t look at your empty stomach, don’t look at your broken limbs, don’t look at your paintless walls, don’t look at your P1 computer, don’t look at your DBtel mobile phone, dont look at your fat, old, flaming wife or husband for that matter, don’t look at the cards of your ex-girl/boy friend who has now gone to honeymoon or to hell.

Just do it, man just do it. To be hell with the world. Look at me dude, I cannot write, I don’t have any vocabulary, I don’t have any education, I don’t have money, I don’t have a long car, or precious mobile or any physical beauty, yet here I am, no care in the world, blogging like bat out of hell, and am writing this post on P1 machine and will post it through a dial-up connection. I don’t really care whether anybody reads it or not. I write, because I want to. I am a blogger, so I blog.

You are something dude, you are something. Believe me. Far much better than me, as are reading this post. As you are reading this post, it means that you are not entirely deprived of everything. You have access to the blogs, whether offline or online. So start blogging. If I can do it, anybody can do it. Whatsmore you can earn from it. Money is not everything you will get from it. You will get an immense relief. It will become a passion, and passion is what drives everything in this cold-blooded world.

So start changing your world with blogging right now. Send a post to Chowrangi and we will publish it.

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