Lai Express Way

In the Rawalpindi, like any other city in Pakistan, traffic is becoming an uncontrollable monster.

If you want to reach Islamabad by crossing Rawalpindi, which is mostly the case with people daily, you have to pass through a hell. A hell which is consists of traffic jams, unreliable plethora of signals, traffic cops, hellish roads, rash public transport drivers, all sorts of irksome vehicles like “ching chee”, tractors, trucks, dumpers, tongas, rickshaws and other funny four-tyre things.

The distance from Rawalpindi Saddar to Islamabad’s Aabpara or zero point is not far-flung, but due to the above mentioned hell components, it takes well more than 1 hour to traverse.

Another feather in the cap of this government is the announcement of Lai Express Way or was it Sheikh Rashid Express way. Anyway, whatever it is, if it gets completed, it would be an exquisite boon for the citizen of twin cities and suburbs. It would be a world-class road with no signals and traditional traffics cops and the promises also include that traffic would be as smooth as silk. One can only wistfully hope.

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