Kissing banned by LUMS

Kissing banned in Lums.jpgNow let me be clear about this (as Obama would say): I’ve got nothing against kissing, particularly if it’s between men and women. It’s the kissing of men by men that I find offensive, even if it’s done in months other than Ramadan. But the recent publicizing of a case in which a LUMS girl playfully pecked a boy’s cheek (when she thought no one was looking) has again generated adverse publicity for the country (something it could do without). So what happened? Another student hiding somewhere photographed the scene and distributed it throughout the world, which led to LUMS permanently banning kissing of boys by girls (and vice versa).

Of course, the fact that the incident took place during the month of fasting made it worse. You can’t kiss your boyfriend (or even your husband or brother) when you’re fasting, as all of us know. But suppose the two were not fasting? As I just said, they thought they were alone and no one could see what they were doing. I agree that kissing in public cannot be tolerated by the average Pakistani, who in any case is terribly disturbed whenever he sees a woman (especially if she’s not covered by a burqa).

However, I don’t mind it when a man kisses his wife or his daughter at the airport when one of them is leaving the country. That kind of thing happens all the time (sometimes even at railway stations). But LUMS should also have banned kissing between men and men (and also between girls and girls, since I assume there are some females who would find it terribly offensive). In the meantime I’m waiting for some Saudi/Waziristan mullah to issue a fatwa banning kissing between husbands and wives even when they’re alone in their bedrooms.


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  1. We are a nation torn between the desire to keep our identity as Muslims and also to reckon ourselves in the eyes of the west (all in the name of being modern). In the name of modernity, we have been stormed by the likes of what we could neither fathom, not comprehend. Thus, arises the issues as in hand here.

    The vacillating nature of our beliefs have made us draw our own bottom lines as to what is allowed and not allowed in our (version) religion. And the sad part is that we do it as per our understanding, likes and dislikes. With absolutely no knowledge of what Islam really says about the subject, we just simply let our own perception rule and then try to twist and bend whatever we do know about our religion to suit our version. Just as the GENERAL SAAB has so aptly pointed out and i QUOTE HERE:-
    “I’ve been to UK and US where it is a more common sight. It never bothers me, and I don’t even look.”
    Interesting isn’t. Now if we try and contest his statement here, we’d probably be hailed as ‘narrow minded, backward’ and so on and so forth. With all due respect general saab, the reason why anything like this does not bother you is because u are even below the lowest ebb of ‘Eeman’, where you have even lost the capacity or the common capability to ‘CONSIDER A SIN, A SIN’. I surely don’t need to quote the authenticity of what i am referring to here. I am sure we all are aware of the ‘Degrees Eeman as described by the Almighty Allah and His last Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (SAW).
    In the mind of the General, the person who brought this case to light is a loser.
    Think again General,…… who is the REAL LOSER here 😀


  2. @ General: if you tell an ignorant mullah that it doesn’t bother you if boys and girls kiss in public, his reaction will be, “Today you allow them to kiss in public, tomorrow they’ll want to do something worse!”

  3. I hate PDAs more than anyone else but to take someone’s picture and distribute it is outrageous. The what is it to us attitude from the public is what gives some people the courage to commit crimes.

  4. @Shakir: If i know and have studied my religion well and understand what is right/wrong and can make wise decisions in respect of Islamic teachings, i don’t have to listen to any damn mullah’s that pop up every now and then. And i don’t care where they are from, make it Waziristan or Saudia Arabia.

    In short, know your religion so you don’t have to listen to whatever mullah’s say.

  5. in the end, what is it to us?????


    I wouldnt want any of my kin engaging in public diplays of affection. I’ve been to UK and US where it is a more common sight. It never bothers me, and I don’t even look.

    Pakistanis need to learn to just do the damn same. Worry about your OWN problems!!!

  6. No one does it for publicity, or to bring shame on their families. This is because not everyone thinks that some dog will take their picture and distribute it everywhere. Please realize that not only is it morally wrong but a heinous sin to disgrace someone by distributing such pictures.

  7. @ Essam: a Waziristan mullah will tell you that it’s haraam for a woman to come within ten feet of a non-mehram. Even to say “wa alaikum salaam” on the phone to a non-mehram is haraam. Which means that women can’t travel in buses or aeroplanes. And that is why they keep their women locked up and they shoot their wives for looking out of the windows of their houses.


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