Kissing banned by LUMS

Kissing banned in Lums.jpgNow let me be clear about this (as Obama would say): I’ve got nothing against kissing, particularly if it’s between men and women. It’s the kissing of men by men that I find offensive, even if it’s done in months other than Ramadan. But the recent publicizing of a case in which a LUMS girl playfully pecked a boy’s cheek (when she thought no one was looking) has again generated adverse publicity for the country (something it could do without). So what happened? Another student hiding somewhere photographed the scene and distributed it throughout the world, which led to LUMS permanently banning kissing of boys by girls (and vice versa).

Of course, the fact that the incident took place during the month of fasting made it worse. You can’t kiss your boyfriend (or even your husband or brother) when you’re fasting, as all of us know. But suppose the two were not fasting? As I just said, they thought they were alone and no one could see what they were doing. I agree that kissing in public cannot be tolerated by the average Pakistani, who in any case is terribly disturbed whenever he sees a woman (especially if she’s not covered by a burqa).

However, I don’t mind it when a man kisses his wife or his daughter at the airport when one of them is leaving the country. That kind of thing happens all the time (sometimes even at railway stations). But LUMS should also have banned kissing between men and men (and also between girls and girls, since I assume there are some females who would find it terribly offensive). In the meantime I’m waiting for some Saudi/Waziristan mullah to issue a fatwa banning kissing between husbands and wives even when they’re alone in their bedrooms.


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  1. [Noor 24:21] O People who Believe! Do not follow the footsteps of the devil; and whoever follows the footsteps of the devil – so he will only bid the indecent and the evil; and were it not for Allah’s munificence and His mercy upon you, none of you would ever become pure – but Allah purifies whomever He wills; and Allah is All Hearing, All Knowing.

    Thanks God we are mostly pure except these westernized intellectuals who are basically advocating that their sisters should be kissed fucked and raped behind pillars and empty classrooms during break time.

  2. Hi, I cannot believe that people consider kissing to be immoral. What two people do with each other is their business and nothing to be offended by. Even muslims and Pakistanis fall in love and it is an innocent thing to do, and this is a perfect example that Pakistan as a nation is making little progress in the world. If you don’t like public kissing, fine, don’t do it. However, if other people are doing it, and they want to, who gives anyone the right to stop them. Not everything prescribed by religious leaders makes sense and not everyone subscribes to religion anyway. If you are offended or if people kissing are doing something wrong, they are the ones who will rot in hell. People in Pakistan see the west as decadent, yet they go their in their droves, partly to get away from the draconian cultural regulations. I applaud the people who kiss in public in Pakistan. When I got married, I found it ridiculous that I could not even kiss the woman I had married and was in love with.

  3. if kissing should be freely allowed on the premise that its a natural
    thing then why don’t you allow sex in public places as well.. after all
    we all were apes before and that is an even stronger instinct..

    shortsighted fools are those pseudo intellectuals who advocate such

  4. All i can say reading this is terrible for us muslims….Never mind pakistan….being away from pakistan for some time now i realize that how we pakistanis think that we are bearing the burden of the whole muslimkind on our shoulders which obviously is not the case…
    We are hypocrite yes for sure and thatswhy we have reached to this point….we will criticize others and when oppurtunity comes we might as well do the same thing
    As for the original topic, its just not acceptable by religion to indulge in anykind of intimacy with a gher mehram girl without marriage but does anybody of us do that??
    I apologize from ALLAH(SWT) for my sins and hope he shows me the right path for the future to not indulge in anymore in life…Ameen….

    And stop criticizing others….


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