Kids’ Blogs

Literacy is a child’s ability to ready and to write. In order for children to become literate, they must learn language. Children’s ability to learn language is innate. By listening to speakers in their environment children become familiar with language. They learn the phonemes of the language that they hear the most. They learn vocabulary and the syntax of oral language.

Unlike language, literacy does not occur naturally. It is a developmental continuum to which children must be exposed. From a young age children need to be exposed to oral language, books, and writing. If parents are unable to read to children because their reading skills are poor or because they don’t have time, then exposing children to print in other forms is important.

Writing is also important. Children should be exposed to different writing media. These might include markers, crayons, pencils, chalk, paper, and computers. Children’s first attempts at writing, scribbling, and doodling may have meaning to them. When a child is able to tell you what he/she wrote, that doodling has meaning.

What other better way to write a blog by a child? This will not only improve his/her writing skill, but also make him confident and self-important.

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