Karachi’s Karma Deficit

Nazimabad Karachi Road

I provide you with some quick yet meaningful insight on our karma deficit, and how to bring this negative balance into the positive side, all the while reminding you of some great driving tricks you already knew. Whether you’re a good, courteous driver or would like to be more so, read on.

I feel concerned about the alarming rate at which Karachi is becoming impatient.

I like to think of myself as a very decent driver, but by Karachi standards, I am probably considered a newbie, more so than the last time I visited (which was just over a year ago). This may be because I decide not to drive like its Gone in 60 Seconds, or some derby. So, clearly, it frustrates me when there are traffic jams and congested roads. People refuse to give way to other drivers, and worse, motorcyclists drive much more atrociously than before, hiding behind the shield of the public which says “if you hit a motorcyclist, run m*#$^@#&$&, because we’re going to beat you to bits.”

Let us accept our faults and move on: Not only do we not respect driving rules which inherently make sure that roads will not be congested, we also lack the common courtesy to allow people their right of way. This in turn makes others more aggressive, in turn making us more aggressive, in turn making others more aggressive, and in turn…wait, haven’t we been through this before?

This has lead to a karma deficit. At least in Karachi. This would be a good time to Wiki this term. We seem to get what we give, and this is quite evident on the roads. Who knew a cliché was so true, and blatantly staring at us in the face that we couldn’t see it. I am convinced that if we are to allow one person to go through, that one person will subconsciously remember and allow someone else to go through, and so on, and so forth. We will reach a critical mass that will make our driving experience more pleasurable.

For now, here are some quick tips:

1. If someone gives an indicator to change lanes, allow them to maneuver in front of you, and don’t force your way ahead of them so that they don’t get the 1 up on you. The same is specially true if you want to get on to their lane.

2. If your round-about maneuver is a short one, stick to the outside. If it’s deeper and longer, stick to the inside, and move outside.

3. Avoid occupying two lanes at once. This isn’t the United States, we’re not obese enough to need two seats at the cinema, lets not do this on the roads.

4. For pedestrians, please avoid crossing in front of a cut. If drivers are looking at oncoming traffic to their right, and you’re crossing in front of them on the left, they’re twice as more likely to hit you.

5. Also utilize Mustafa Kamal’s pedestrian bridges. You need exercise and you need to lower your cholesterol. You don’t do yoga, so use those stairs.

6. Smile when you give right of way, or if someone gives you right of way. Make positive eye contacts. Even if it’s with a woman. Women can really tell if you’re flirting or being nice, so be nice. Don’t be shy.

7. If you’re at a cross intersection where the traffic lights are off: if your lane in front of you is jammed until the intersection, don’t enter it. Don’t enter the intersection until there’s a space for your car in front. This way you will play the most vital role in ensuring that traffic flows smoothly.

Electricity induces magnetism. Magnetism induces electricity. The way we drive on the roads are a reflection of our frustration with life. The way we drive on the roads can reflect positively too. Come home content.

Image: Sajjad [Flickr]

2 thoughts on “Karachi’s Karma Deficit”

  1. Hi Hshan,

    Hehe, yes, but it’s a good analogy, no?

    Listen, if enough people read this and follow, we’ll reach a critical mass where this problem will be taken care of. One day we will wake up and the roads will be pleasant to drive on. This is scientific research. Critical Mass.

    Also, I think it’s important to note that the ones with the big cars (the upper-middle class) are the ones to aggravate the situation. I have to hold myself back actively from driving like a megalomaniac, and it works for me. One day someone will say, “yaar shayad mein bhi kisee ko rasta dey doon, kisee kee du’a lage gee”

    You know, it all works. Thanks for playing your part man, thanks so much! From ALL of Karachi, thank you 🙂

  2. ”Electricity induces magnetism. Magnetism induces electricity.” Lolz where does that comes from? Studying up too much physics eh 😀

    Anywaiz good article, however i dunt expect the majority of the drivers to even the read the title of this article.. however i’ll still do my little part in maintaining peace of traffic in Karachi. Cuz i know it will go a long way. Theoretically atleast.


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