Inform relatives about your accomplishments and end up with Black Magic

In this day and age, only a foolish person reveals his accomplishments to relatives, in whatever form they may be. Some relatives are snakes who can’t see a person succeed. This is why it is important to keep personal things to yourself. Things such as a new job, a new house, job promotion, a new car or even something as simple as having a baby. Keep it to yourself.

Some people are so sick that they make devils look small in comparison. These people will not even hesitate in performing magic on a new born baby. I cannot express my disgust. How low some people are ready to fall to harm others is unbelievable. Therefore, it is important that when you rejoice, keep your happiness to yourself.

A person should hide everything. If a person doesn’t and gets affected, there is no point in blaming anyone except oneself. In the subcontinent, most people have a big mouth. One person gets to know something and it spreads like wildfire.

This post is vitally important for people who live in the Middle East or in the West. Keep your accomplishments, your happiness and your personal achievements to yourself.

12 thoughts on “Inform relatives about your accomplishments and end up with Black Magic”

  1. i appreciate what Yusha is doing to bring awareness in general public about this, as most of them suffer in ignorance and silence, sometimes without ever knowing that they have become the victims of black magic. i’ve seen a couple of my own close relatives passing away from this world by suffering all their lives and nobody ever suggested consulting for a cure. also, the major problem for most of the people is shortage of true amils who do it for Allah’s sake only. people get ripped off by fake amils so often that they lose trust in the true ones also. my whole family has been recently diagnosed with this cult, which was confirmed by a few genuine amils who did not demand any money for their services. i wish i had known it before and had not lost the precious years of my life becoming almost an invalid. the damage that has been done to me and my husband through balck magic can NEVER ever be compensated for in this world.

  2. I am unable to understand this so I leave it on my faith. I think when people start rationalizing the unseen it gets more complexed. Some people have resolute faith and are able to see things thus require no amount of convincing. There are people like that I am sure. The thing is, how to find a teacher for spiritual nurturing and growth.

  3. you can not brake a plate of steel but you can brake a plate of glass because glass is less powerful than steel same is the case with black magic . it can affect the true momin but can’t destroy his/her life. on the other hand it destroys,ruins the life of a person who is not momin. and majority of people can catch it easily due to wrong life style for example watching porn.

  4. Its evermore confusing. I hear people saying its very wide spread these days becuase of lack of emaan and mullah culture being wide spread. We have bombardment of religious programs on channels dealing with this issue. I think thats uncalled for. Alot of idle talk. In priciple, I agree with momina.

  5. I once asked a Pakistani-Canadian (a deeply religious Muslim) if Muslims in Canada believed in black magic. He said, “No one can do black magic on us because we have to reach our offices at 8 in the morning, we have to wash our cars and driveways ourselves, we have to stand in line to pay our bills, we have to wash our own clothes and make our own food, so by the end of the day we’re so tired that we fall asleep instantly. No one who is so busy can ever be affected by black or white magic!”

  6. @khurram: only the closest of relatives will be happy about ur achievements. so if u wish to share it with someone, u can share it with ur mum, dad etc.

    the point of life is not to share ur worldly achievements, that have no long term value. the point in life to build ur future…the Hereafter.

    by the way, there is also a Hadith about the issue of not talking about one’s possessions (all kinds: wealth, health, etc), let alone bragging about it. The Hadith says that even those who might be sincere but if u tell them and they just wish that ‘only if had this or that as he/she does’ that also causes harm to the person. Evil eye is said to be Haque, by Muhammad s.a.w.w.

    as for black magic being old school…?? that is just plain denial of a fact that very much exists today. and maybe much more than before, all around the world, not just the eastern countries.
    it is vastly spread in the west as well.

  7. If you keep your accomplishment and so on to yourself only, all the achievement will have no meaning in your life. For instance, if i get promoted, keeping this news to myself will not pleasure me until or unless somebody will listen and appriciate(relative espacially).

    Moreover, if you say somebody will do a “black magic”, its a very old school thought, nobody in this age have enough time to do such things, rather he or she will do some efforts to earn some money.


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