Inform relatives about your accomplishments and end up with Black Magic

In this day and age, only a foolish person reveals his accomplishments to relatives, in whatever form they may be. Some relatives are snakes who can’t see a person succeed. This is why it is important to keep personal things to yourself. Things such as a new job, a new house, job promotion, a new car or even something as simple as having a baby. Keep it to yourself.

Some people are so sick that they make devils look small in comparison. These people will not even hesitate in performing magic on a new born baby. I cannot express my disgust. How low some people are ready to fall to harm others is unbelievable. Therefore, it is important that when you rejoice, keep your happiness to yourself.

A person should hide everything. If a person doesn’t and gets affected, there is no point in blaming anyone except oneself. In the subcontinent, most people have a big mouth. One person gets to know something and it spreads like wildfire.

This post is vitally important for people who live in the Middle East or in the West. Keep your accomplishments, your happiness and your personal achievements to yourself.

12 thoughts on “Inform relatives about your accomplishments and end up with Black Magic”

  1. Salam Yusha,
    you mentioned in another post of yours:”Due to excessive requests for my e-mail i have started

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    is your web site not working anymore? i tried opening it but to no avail.

  2. I think author is 100% right, you don’t know that how much close relations can anything with you, i have seen many real affected persons, affected by their brother, by their sons and by their in-laws, untill it happen with me by my In-laws, so kindly keep you achivements to yous self or to close ones as much as possible.


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