India’s Obsession with Ajmal Kasab

Indian Newspapers recent income has been mostly based on selling news about Muhammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lad Indian Government claims to be a trained terrorist of ISI.

But what kind of news comes to mind? One would think they came with some further information about him to prove his crime. Well, the news that has been coming these days is more of a television soap-kind.

Abhishek Sharan of Hindustan Times reported this mind-blowing piece of news.

‘Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone terrorist captured after the recent Mumbai attacks, who recently had expressed his desire for non-veg food and Big B’s movies is being served veg food from prison’s canteen.

‘Kasab is fed by a canteen, not far from his solitary cell inside the heavily-guarded lock-up.

‘This is the diet chart of Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab (21), the lone survivor of the terrorist squad that struck Mumbai on November 26. He is lodged at one of Mumbai Crime Branch’s lock-ups.

7.30 am: Light breakfast — two pavs, two vadas, a cup of black lemon tea.

11.30 am: Lunch — vegetarian thali comprising two chapatis, two or three cups of rice, dal, a curry, a dry vegetable preparation, papad, sliced onions, salt.

3 pm: A cup of black lemon tea.

7.30 pm: Dinner, identical to lunch.

‘Girish (name changed), a canteen employee, said Kasab was never allowed any non-vegetarian food. “He is doing fine with this,” he said.

‘Girish said the canteen is paid a “measly Rs 25” for each meal of Kasab’s.

‘The canteen employees said Kasab looks forward to his twice-daily cups of tea. “He takes only black lemon tea, which has herbal qualities,” Girish said…’

Another similar report, published in The Telegraph-India, titled ‘Kasab giggles at AK-47‘ seems to be presenting the next episode of the serial. Below is an excerpt:

‘Show him the gun he used to kill a police officer, and Ajmal Kasab doesn’t even try to look grim.

‘In fact, the “baby-faced assassin” can’t stop laughing in court.
‘The Pakistani gunman, the only one taken alive during the November 26 attacks, continued to smile away as a police officer told the special court how Kasab shot assistant sub-inspector Tukaram Oomble and identified the AK-47 he had used.

‘When the assault rifle was shown to him, Kasab giggled. Then he looked at the media box to his left with a wide grin.

‘Special court judge M.L. Tahilyani, who looked annoyed, asked Kasab to behave. “Yeh serious baat hain. Koi natak nahi ho raha hain yahan (This is a serious affair. No drama is being staged here),” the judge said.

‘It wasn’t the first time that the judge had rebuked Kasab, who has been smiling away in court from the day the trial began in the heavily fortified Arthur Road jail…’

Plus another excellent piece of news from Hindustan Times about Kasab’s obsession with John Abraham.

I guess India has solved all its other problems…

19 thoughts on “India’s Obsession with Ajmal Kasab”

  1. @Confused: the same can be said by Muslims when they see a Hindu in India who clearly displays his Hinduism (seriosuly asking, what is that purely Hindu party/group called who start messing with just about anyone they don’t like (especially innocent Muslims)?). But they most probably won’t say this. I will explain this below.

    You know, a classmate got membership in an IT club. There a Hindu Indian was asking her about Pakistan and stuff happening in Pakistan. Then he asked her, out of the blue, who is your favourite Indian actor. Sh was a bit surprised by this complete change of topic. Nevertheless, replied Sanjay Dutt. The guy was so shocked and told hr you are the first Muslim who has said that a Hindu actor is your favourite actor and not Muslim actors like Aamir and Shah Rukh. Then he said he was sure she must like Kishore Kumar’s songs as well not be a racist just preferring Muhammad Rafi…she said she liked both…

    Anyway, such characters I feel are cracked. There are many people belonging to this category who find racism and hatred in almost everything. But I know that all Hindus are not like that weirdo. Neither would I (Muslims) ever feel threatened even by a criminal-minded Hindu or anyone because the one who has taqwa are not afraid of the creations of Allah SWT.

    “there is very blurry line between literate pakistani to native of tribal area of fata or nwfs or taliban”

    could you elaborate? i just have a difficulty understanding what is your definition of ‘literate’. Does ethnicity affect its definition. It seems so from this statement…this sounds somewhat like the ideology of the guy I mentioned above.

  2. @ shakir saab, don’t count india’s loss, only count muslim’s loss in the name of pakistan.

    just say any muslim name in western country they became skeptical. now in india though we good number of population and some of my friends are muslim too, but right now whenever in train or in bus journey i (most indian) see a muslim (obviously with beard) i became skeptical what he is up to? what’s in his bag? does he is planting bomb?

    having some months experience in chowrangi i have realize that that there is very blurry line between literate pakistani to native of tribal area of fata or nwfs or taliban.

    p.s. i think your comment is just to flare flame, you and other contributors of chowrangi are well aware of reality.

  3. I can’t help wondering how much India has lost by bullying Pakistan. If it had accepted Pakistan’s existence at the time of partition and hadn’t invaded Kashmir, Hyderabad, Junagadh, etc. and had maintained friendly relations with Pakistan, today Indian businessmen would have dominated our economy. India lost to China because of its hegemonistic policies.

  4. @ sj: it’s very easy to brainwash people. All you have to do is to tell them again and again that the day they were born, their time and date of death was fixed. So no one can kill them before that time.

  5. We don’t need to have them on our “best friends list”

    As long as our interests don’t conflict, then that is all that matters. They leave us alone, we leave them alone.

    Nobody likes tension or bloodshed.

    But what we wont ever tolerate is indians disrespecting our country, or their media spewwing out propaganda against Pakistan. They have always been obcessed with Pakistan. We don’t pay much attention to them, we only want what is best for our country.

  6. I know it is of NO comfort to the families of those who died, and words cannot express the horror of what happened, but I would rather read that this young man likes films, lemon tea and John Abraham, because that is what NORMAL people should do rather than bloodlust and reeking havoc. But how strange the mind of a terrorist. If he had come across John Abraham in Mumbai that night he would most likely have shot him without thinking. If this young man had used his considerably technical brain (judging by the transcripts) for good instead of letting himself be brainwashed he could have made a competent person in life. And no, I say don’t execute him, because terrorists crave martyr’s deaths. It is too easy. Let him sit and think on it for a long time.

  7. @Mauryan: an attack did take place against the people of Pakistan, the people who were in Samjautha Express when it was attacked by Hindu militants. A colonel and a retired general were involved, Pakistan asked India to hand them over, but your government refused. You talk of good relations between our two peoples. Tell me, have you ever protested to your government against the rape of Muslim women by your soldiers in Indian-occupied J&K? Have you ever written to newspapers criticizing India’s policy of blocking the flow of Chenab river water into Pakistan? And let me tell you, our media is much more independent than yours. If you have the time, watch Pakistani TV channels and you’ll be amazed to see how our ministers are openly criticized, in a way that Indian TV channels cannot even think of doing with Indian leaders or politicians.

  8. @Mauryan
    Well, I must say that your idea of transborder interaction and the dialogue and better understanding between societies is more than good,,
    but there are certain things which I must make clear to you. You had 26/11, unfortunately thats what we always have in Pakistan, nearly every day, have you heard 86% of public opinion in Pakistan saying that we want to go out for a war with India, or some stupid politician has risen with an argument that surgical strikes is the answer,,
    your media,,has infact suceeded in keeping alive the hatred between the two countries,,as within half an hour they were all out to accuse ISI and bla bla………
    Your initiative, I must say is more than logical and practical, regarding better understanding of each other,,,

  9. who cares? As long as our interests are conflicting how can we have peace?

    Good fences make good neighbours. We should just leave eachother alone.

    For example, india has no evidence that Hafiz Saeed carried out or planned Mumbai attack. A Court of Law in Lahore ruled his attention illegal and released him

    now the indians and their sensationalist (garbage) media is at it again.

    This time, Pakistanis are fed up of extending their hand to indians.

    I cant speak on behalf of all Pakistanis — but I am confident that many will agree with me.

    I will repeat myself again. GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBOURS.

  10. It would be great if Indians and Pakistanis (the ordinary and moderate people) tried to understand each other. It has been confirmed that Kasab is a misguided Pakistani national. His religious indoctrination and brain washing led to the death of hundreds of innocent people. He is a criminal. Imagine how Pakistanis would take it if the situation was entirely reversed – a Hindu militant group sneaks into Karachi or Lahore and kills people indiscriminately and one of them gets caught alive. And India denies any involvement and keeps dodging Pakistan’s official attempts to bring the culprit to justice. It is always easy to laugh at others’ plight because we dislike them passionately. Indian media keeps things alive so that no one forgets what happened. If Kasab is not covered in the media, then the public and the government have a tendency to forget things quickly until another event like this happens. Kindly do not propagate callous feelings towards citizens of your neighboring country by showing ridicule and contempt. It is small little things like these, that accumulate into much bigger hatred and madness. At least we as people should reach out to each other and build bridges. It is very natural for people to react the way they did after the Mumbai attacks. Pakistanis would not have done anything different if they had been victimized the same way. By ridiculing the Indian media, you are exhibiting the inherent attitude towards India and Indians. Their frustrations and pain seem to give you satisfaction. If that is the attitude, how do you expect any friendly relations between the two countries? We, the people should take the first step.


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