India’s Obsession with Ajmal Kasab

Indian Newspapers recent income has been mostly based on selling news about Muhammad Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lad Indian Government claims to be a trained terrorist of ISI.

But what kind of news comes to mind? One would think they came with some further information about him to prove his crime. Well, the news that has been coming these days is more of a television soap-kind.

Abhishek Sharan of Hindustan Times reported this mind-blowing piece of news.

‘Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab, the lone terrorist captured after the recent Mumbai attacks, who recently had expressed his desire for non-veg food and Big B’s movies is being served veg food from prison’s canteen.

‘Kasab is fed by a canteen, not far from his solitary cell inside the heavily-guarded lock-up.

‘This is the diet chart of Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab (21), the lone survivor of the terrorist squad that struck Mumbai on November 26. He is lodged at one of Mumbai Crime Branch’s lock-ups.

7.30 am: Light breakfast — two pavs, two vadas, a cup of black lemon tea.

11.30 am: Lunch — vegetarian thali comprising two chapatis, two or three cups of rice, dal, a curry, a dry vegetable preparation, papad, sliced onions, salt.

3 pm: A cup of black lemon tea.

7.30 pm: Dinner, identical to lunch.

‘Girish (name changed), a canteen employee, said Kasab was never allowed any non-vegetarian food. “He is doing fine with this,” he said.

‘Girish said the canteen is paid a “measly Rs 25” for each meal of Kasab’s.

‘The canteen employees said Kasab looks forward to his twice-daily cups of tea. “He takes only black lemon tea, which has herbal qualities,” Girish said…’

Another similar report, published in The Telegraph-India, titled ‘Kasab giggles at AK-47‘ seems to be presenting the next episode of the serial. Below is an excerpt:

‘Show him the gun he used to kill a police officer, and Ajmal Kasab doesn’t even try to look grim.

‘In fact, the “baby-faced assassin” can’t stop laughing in court.
‘The Pakistani gunman, the only one taken alive during the November 26 attacks, continued to smile away as a police officer told the special court how Kasab shot assistant sub-inspector Tukaram Oomble and identified the AK-47 he had used.

‘When the assault rifle was shown to him, Kasab giggled. Then he looked at the media box to his left with a wide grin.

‘Special court judge M.L. Tahilyani, who looked annoyed, asked Kasab to behave. “Yeh serious baat hain. Koi natak nahi ho raha hain yahan (This is a serious affair. No drama is being staged here),” the judge said.

‘It wasn’t the first time that the judge had rebuked Kasab, who has been smiling away in court from the day the trial began in the heavily fortified Arthur Road jail…’

Plus another excellent piece of news from Hindustan Times about Kasab’s obsession with John Abraham.

I guess India has solved all its other problems…

19 thoughts on “India’s Obsession with Ajmal Kasab”

  1. so sorry to hear that security breach is taking place @ indian nuclear facilities…

    55 workers being poisoned with radiation by their own colleague(s)

    timing couldnt have been better either!!! Mr. Singh was @ White House discussing Pakistan nuclear safety! 2 un-invited guests slip past Secret Service and manage to come up to US President

    whats going on? Stop commenting on Pakistan when your own houses are messy


  2. Pakistan is the birthplace of terrorism. Momina is making money by writing what the Indian media reports. Pakistan is being Talibanised, stop your country from becoming hell!!!

  3. LGAK
    correction…to “Karkare was killed because he was investigating acts of terrorism at the hands of hindu extremists –including one act of terrorism in which Pakistani nationals were killed brutally, on Shamjota Express.”

    fact…he was investigating malegaon riots case…he was not linked to samjhauta express case (some suspects were)
    fact…he was shot by the terrorists on 11/26 one of them kasab

    regardless of the heat of the debate…let us not stoop down so low…and make 3rd class comments to twist someone’s death…keep some dignity for the sake of the dead man’s family

    same with samjhauta express…i believe everyone in india, pakistan and including the so called BJP condemned that horrible act of terror in which people of both countries died. even the possibility of links with hindu terorrists was found by indian investigators…on their own.

    i am not sure what is the context of,
    “if india wants cooperation with us, then they will have to bring the perpetrators of that crime to justice”…is this some attempt to link samjhauta with 11/26?

    according to me cooperation in such matters should not be conditional…a wrong was committed and it is the resposibility of both the countries to investigate and punish whoever is guilty (regardless of cooperation), if we claim to be civilized countries populated by religious or atleast principled majorities. whether that is happening or not is not the question…what we as civilized people believe in is more important.

  4. Maybe so but it’s ONLY a way of life because humans have made it so, just like anyone can say you HAVE to live your life according to whatever book/tome/manual you choose to, and generations of tradition reinforce that again and again. But there was ways of life before Islam and life before Christianity and life before Buddhism. I am merely surmising that there is always another way than a religiosuly-based way of life, I just dont think we’re brave enough to drop our faiths and forget our differencs to get there – yet. You know, if there is life on other planets, it would be interesting to see if they can get by without the segregations of religion, etc.

  5. Karkare was killed because he was investigating acts of terrorism at the hands of hindu extremists –including one act of terrorism in which Pakistani nationals were killed brutally, on Shamjota Express.

    if india wants cooperation with us, then they will have to bring the perpetrators of that crime to justice. But they have only given lip-service as is their custom

    As for people with “Muslim” names — there are over 1 billion Muslims in the world. Bearded or un-bearded, majority are peaceful people. Violence of any kind is forbidden in Islam, especially against innocent civilians.

    In Pakistan, we may have corrupt politicians. But we don’t have extremists in power or politics. Whereas in hindustan, they have the BJP which is nothing more than a fascist organization. Look what they did in Gujrat, Orissa, Mangalore and all other BJP strongholds.

    Remember Operation Bluestar and the state-sponsored genocide of Sikhs?

    Obcess over these things first. Clean up your own house, indians.

  6. @sj: What you are talking about has already been experimented and wasn’t it a bad experiment (Remember Russia?).

    Islam is the way of life…not restricted to ‘Ibaadah (worship) but extending over all aspects of life, including trade.

  7. Do people not think that given the vast conflicts between them based on religion, creed and culture, that life would be simpler if we all rejected these things and tried to build societies based on fair trade and common interests – staying alive and getting along? Maybe too easy but I believe religion and racism is at the heart of many problems. And yes, it is very easy to brainwash. Germany’s Hitler did it very successfully in the 1940’s, resulting in the deaths of millions. It is very strange how people can be swayed by someone seemingly stronger instead of just making up their own minds to be a good person in this life.


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