Indian Supreme Court allows sex before marriage!

It had to happen on Pakistan’s national day. The Indian Supreme Court has declared that pre-marital sex is perfectly legal and unmarried men and women living together are not violating the law.

I always wondered how those semi-naked Bollywood actresses could get away with living with their boyfriends without attracting the attention of die-hard Hindus (who just like our own extremists, set fire to places where Valentine’s Day is being celebrated). So now no Indian couple needs to worry, they can do whatever they want without being harassed by the police.

Once I read about a woman in Bombay who was lying half-asleep on her bed, the door of her apartment being open, and someone entered and did to her what only her husband was allowed to do. She thought it was her husband, but when the guy got up and started to leave the flat, she realized she’d been raped. She yelled and woke up the whole apartment block. The man was caught, but I don’t know if he was ever punished. I suppose the court probably advised all Indian women to lock themselves up when they’re alone, however hot the weather is.

But now, with the Indian Supreme Court allowing pre-marital sex, I wonder how long it will be before it says that wife-swapping is also legal!

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25 thoughts on “Indian Supreme Court allows sex before marriage!”

  1. Indian Supreme Court and Pakistani Supreme Court must consider the Rising Outdoor Sex in South Asia which has to be centralized to not to make our kids to do so.

    So both the Supreme Court must allow Outdoor Sex keeping in view the videos and pictures of both the country’s girls published by themselves for Sales & Marketing for that dirty business.


    Disclaimer:- EK will not be held accountable, liable, responsible for any loss, damage or any type of relations with them. It is purely drafted under the references of past decade personal and official experiences with underage and adult girls of this region by social observations.
    EK will and can do same as South Asian girls do at hidden and outdoor places of popular cities.


    One and Only

  2. In todays world where sex is promoted 24/7 ..through all sorts of media and thru the corrupt few in the society. The virtuous ones find it hard to stay away from it. The woman liberation is actually nothing else but to present the women as a show peice and tax their earning as conceived by NWO Rockefellers in 50’s. Thats history. I am not promoting a conspiracy here but facts are facts. In Muslim societies younger men and women find it increasingly hard to stay away from this evil. They watch it happening around them and they cannot live in isolation.
    I read someone referred peshawar tops the lists for porn searches on net. This is nothing but a lie. The original news was aired from fox news USA and anyone who watched foz news know what kind of propoganda the preach and how shallow are their opinions. It is shameful that none from Pakistan pointed out that totally biased source.
    Also, who is producing those porn stuff? its a billion dollar market. Topping the list would be US. And top viewership would be US too. Just because they have largets access to net (specially when we compare it to peshawar) and probability runs high. I may be mistaken about later.
    The world is just a puppet in hands of few. Let them plot but verily Allah SWT plots better.
    anyone here tell me why so sanctions and public humiliations for our dear mel gibson? just ‘coz he said afew things to his wife over getting custody over his own kid as a loving father who lost it?? anyone ever investigated what this wife has been doing to him?!? can anyone fathom?

  3. Indians are so desperate to copy anything from the West, it should be embarassing. Fornication has destroyed the west, all that is left here is materialism and selfishness. So many valuable things die when sex takes reign. Be careful what you wish for. A few moments of pleasure destroy and has destroyed entire civilizations.


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