Indian Sites Cyber-Jacked by Pakistani Hackers

In a tit-for-tat retaliatory attack, Pakistani hackers have started leaving their thudding impressions on the Indian websites by rendering them useless and vincible, as the Pakistani hacking spree goes on. It all started when an Indian hacker cyber-jacked the Pakistani OGRA website, and minutes after it’s hacking it was reported by Chowrangi. As the news spread, the white hats in Pakistan turned themselves into black hats and now all hell is broke loose and a new round of hacking has started. In this spree following Indian sites have been hacked by Pakistani hackers.
ONGC India

Indian Rail


32 thoughts on “Indian Sites Cyber-Jacked by Pakistani Hackers”

  1. Mr. Guess — i think majority on both sides feel what you are feeling…

    We can both be a bit stubborn and overly-patriotic sometimes. But don’t forget that when indian hacks a Pakistani page, our hackers will hack back at their sites. Tit-for-tat actions.

    We have been capitalists since 1947. We like business development, not war. But you can imagine why we are on the defensive right now. Just look at the behaviour of indian sensationlist media and the rhetoric from their monkey-looking 140 centimeter tall external-affairs minister


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