Indian nuclear weapons in danger

The news that someone deliberately caused a leak in an Indian nuclear plant and diverted tritium into a water cooler is most disturbing. It should be remembered that a Hindu fundamentalist regime in India started the nuclear race in the subcontinent. Now it is evident that India, with its 836 million desperately poor people living on only forty cents a day, is at high risk of having its nuclear arsenal being taken over by naxal and other terrorists. Something needs to be done urgently to save India’s weapons of mass destruction from being misused.

The world media should note that Indians can’t take care of their own nuclear facilities, and with so many terrorists living in that country, any day some mad Hindu fundamentalist will capture its nuclear weapons. It is urgently necessary to put India’s nuclear weapons under the control of the U.N.

All employees at India’s nuclear power plants should be thoroughly vetted to ensure they do not have ties to terrorist groups like the Shiv Sena. We should not forget that Hindu fundamentalists hate Muslims very much (they pulled the Babri Masjid down just to win an election). The minute they get hold of an atom bomb, the first thing they’ll try to do is to drop it on Pakistan or any Muslim locality in India.

Note: A media report on the issue is available here.

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  1. @ bharat: don’t worry about Pakistan’s nukes, it’s the Indian ones that are in danger of falling into the hands of terrorists. India is teeming with terrorists. The BJP, Shiv Sena, naxalites, all of them would love to get their hands on indian nuclear weapons.


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