India preparing to win next football World Cup

Indians are wondering why their country has not been able to send a team to the World Cup tournament in South Africa.

My sources in India tell me that India is making massive efforts to raise a world class football team for the next World Cup. India confidently expects to be the next World champions.

I think (from the evidence available), India may be able to win, as my Indian friends on this blog will agree.

21 thoughts on “India preparing to win next football World Cup”

  1. May I know the ranking of Pak and Indo football team Mr. Lakhani…don’t point fingers on others before cleaning your own stuff first…

    2010 Ranking: India -> 133, Pakistan ->165 even Bangla placed -> 157…

  2. i think pakis can say all that they want, just texting a few lines in some forgotten corner of internet does not make pakistan equitable to india, the fact that hating india is a national obsession in pak means that you guys are pathetic.

    And Shakir, where did you get this fact, what are you craping about ? economy of 1.5 trillion with 8 pc growth when western economis are contracting, vs pak which gets around 15 billion aid from US to buy arms. I dont know who is more pathetic your country or you and your racist, white wannabe dimwit countrymen.

  3. @ abheek: India is also not far from being a failed state, with 75% (836 million) Indians living on just twenty rupees (less than half a dollar) a day. And if most Indians are like you (unable to laugh at their own foibles), India doesn’t have a bright future.

  4. Btw Congratulations for being in the top 10 list of ….failed nations 🙂 … great repeat performance … Hope now you guys will stop poking fun at us Hindus and Indians and focus your energy where they are most needed … (hint … no, not in sucide bombing)

  5. Seems Asia Cup defeat still hurts, Mr. Lakhani — 🙂

    or is it your old habit of ridiculing anything that has to do with Hindus, Hinduism & India ??

    Or is it just another normal Pakistani habit of India-baiting ??

    You know what – I could pull out thousands of such Pakistan / Islam related photos and publish them out of context … and yes I agree with Sameer – what abt your Taliban/Muj/MQM/etc. etc.

    By publishing such article you are proving that this blog is heading southwards.. just like your country


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