In defense of a lie

When almighty God created the universe He also, ensured an opposite or negative for each and every thing. There is darkness against light, evil against good and even death for life. So nothing can be described without considering its opposite. There is also an equal and opposite reaction to an action

One thing, which is very prominent, significant and predominant, is a LIE which stands solidly against the truth from the word goes. When God wanted to create human, angles and Satan (Iblees) contradicted Him, in other words they were opposing Him .Then God created human couple and asked them to live and enjoy their life in paradise and warned them neither to go near a certain tree nor eat its fruit. Satan deceived Eve by telling lies about the intentions of the God, and Eve continued it till she convinced Adam to disobey Him.

Due to this Lie of Satan Adam and Eve LOST THEIR PARADISE. They were ordered by God to quit heaven and step down to their new destination; the Earth. Satan at his own request was also allowed to accompany them with Lie and her colleagues such as cheating, magic, fraud deception, vain opinion, flattering hopes, false valuations, simulation and imaginations to ones own likings etc.

On the analogy of the above we may conclude that the Lie and the human co-existed and their existence was interdependent. None of either could have survived without the other. Let us assume that, at least, in Pakistan the Lie will vanish. What will happen?

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3 thoughts on “In defense of a lie”

  1. “Lie will Vanish” … i guess it is about the time, when finally … “HAQ” will prevail over everything else that is “False” ….
    It is not the interdependence of human race and lie. Human race is not defendant of lies to go about their life. To say this, are we not defying everything that we as Muslims believe in….. Hmmm …. i do not even know if i am going in the right direction with this ….. Sister, i think you should come back with it again a little more elaborately ….

  2. In the second paragraph: “Satan deceived Eve by telling lies about the intentions of the God, and Eve continued it till she convinced Adam to disobey Him.”

    lies about the INTENTION of Allah? INTENTION? i don’t think so. Secondly, did eve CONTINUE till she convinced adam (a.s.)??? Please let me know if i’m wrong.

    Secondly, very confusing post.

  3. I do not wish to be rude, but please write something which can be understood. “….the Lie will vanish”. What is this supposed to mean? Why must you translate directly from Urdu into English? Why can’t you say, “People will stop lying”?


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