In defense of a lie (Part-II)

Next, most affected would be our excise and taxation deptt: All inward and outward transactions including imports and exports will base on truth and no over/under invoicing would be materialized by the business community in collaboration with our honest Banking Industry and there will be no need for E&T deptt: The poor and honest employees will be rendered jobless or may join merchant navy or FC for honorable livelihood.

The other affected would be our heath and food deptt: Traders and businessman will abandon adulteration for fear of not lying, people would get pure edibles and medicines, will remain healthy, and rarely would need medical help. Therefore, a very few hospitals, doctors, paramedical staff and specialists would be required while rest of the bulk would like to go fishing. Consequently most of the medicine suppliers, stockiest and even manufacturing industries would say good bye to entrepreneur and prefer to go to Dubai.

Our social and political structure would badly miss the Lie. Without her, human marital status quo would badly be shaken. In case of husbands at large, it would be difficulty to tell the truth to their wives the reason for their late coming home at midnight. On the contrary it would be embarrassing for wives to tell the truth about the money spent on extravaganza. The developing skirmishes may lead to painful separation and leave its adverse affects on the next generations.

For the politicians it would be impossible to keep their profession intact, as the truth and politics cannot go together. They will, ultimately, either go to India or Afghanistan in desperation.

In a very short time Pakistanis will start moving towards mosques and holy shrines to God’s blessings, while Satan will be proud of his pragmatism. People would be depressed and pessimistic to the extent that most of them leave interest in daily routine of life ignoring the fact that the Truth will ultimately prevail and there is a big reward waiting for them after this life. There should be no doubt or confusion n their minds that one day with their truth they must REGAIN THEIR LOST PARADISE. More over their
Lie would be returned to them with certain conditions, only to help or save a life, by telling a Lie they would find the truth. Satan would be disappointed because when a man lies he is brave towards God and coward towards man.

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