How to win elections in India

So Narendra Modi will be the chief minister of Gujrat again (for the third time running). To those who believe that Indians are secular, this will come as a great shock. But to people like me, who know that most Indians are communal by nature, owing to the caste system, this was expected.

In fact, if you want to win elections in India, you have to prove that you are rabidly anti-Muslim. And if you have done such things as pulling down the Babri Masjid, or arranged the killing of three thousand Muslims, so much the better. No amount of education has changed the Hindu fundamentalists.

Why don’t the Americans arrange for Modi’s trial in the International Court of Justice at the Hague? Is it because India is a big market for their products and they don’t want to lose it?

So, while the Muslims of Gujrat continue to live in appalling conditions in their ghettoes, India will project itself as a champion of peace, and the rest of the world, including the Arabs, will continue to admire them. Not a single Arab state, nor Iran, will ever support the Muslims of India or Kashmir, despite knowing that Indian Muslims are in danger of extinction. The reason, of course, is that our leaders are more interested in siphoning away the nation’s wealth to Swiss banks than doing anything to save India’s Muslim minority. And you can bet that we shall always have such leaders, because we deserve them.

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  1. Look how small u r talking, the fault is with us brother. 99 terrorists out of 100 is from our community. Stop blaming. Lets first improve ourselves.

  2. Mr. Sameer, You have addressed me in Gujrati, which I understand perfectly well and can even read it (the simple kind, which you find in children’s books), but unfortunately I can’t speak it, as I don’t have any chance to practice it. However, to get back to the discussion, even if A.Q. Khan and the others did indulge in nuclear proliferation, they did not break any laws, as Pakistan has never signed the NPT. Secondly, why is Pakistan always singled out, while the others (Russia and the U.S.) who helped China, India and Israel to go nuclear are not accused of proliferation. Secondly, it was India which first went nuclear (first, in 1974, then in 1998). Why did India have to explode its weapons? Oh, I forgot, wasn’t it because (in Bal Thackeray’s words) “We wanted to tell the world that we are not eunuchs”?
    My post was on Narendra Modi, a detestable man very much like Vallabhai Patel (whose intransigence resulted in Partition). I don’t know why you had to bring nuclear proliferation into it. Please stick to the point, and don’t let your anti-Islamic feelings get the better of you. As far as Muslim countries being terribly backward, I agree, it’s because they do not put much emphasis on research and education (read, for instance, my post “Why Jews are so powerful”). But mind you, even without any research or education, the terrorists (both AlQaeda and Tamil) are able to do so much damage to Western interests. And there’s nothing you can do to stop them, they will never change, since even people like you (with, I assume, so much education) are full of hatred for Pakistan, merely because it is the only country blocking your hegemonic designs. And finally, in answer to your greeting, “Hoon maja ma choon!”

  3. [Why don’t the Americans arrange for Modi’s trial in the International Court of Justice at the Hague?]

    The guy is not even indicted (despite no BJP central rule) let alone the conviction. He is as innocent as eight year old infant. This is just Pakistan’s propaganda who sway Muslims of India through Moulivis/Muftis/Mullahs of India.

    USA has no business to bring Modi to ICJ, they can deny him the visa, which they did, thats all.

    But the same Americans are not ready to leave Pakistan alone when it comes to their own security vis a vis Pakistan’s nuke, as rightly said by Hillary clinton that US-UK should have joint controll of Pakistan’s Nukes as a fail safe manner.

    And you forgot the big article written by an American Journalist about American displeasure to betray american dollars aid to pakistan who is fleecing USA apx billion dollars a year and does nothing against Talibanis. READ IT AGAIN BROTHER.

    Watch out Americans will Knock Pakistan’s door any time soon after the election when Bush retires in his ranch in Texas for a nice steak.


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