How to become rich in “shining” India!

Until now, Indians had to get their daughters married to dogs, besides drinking stuff which would make anyone retch. But apparently that wasn’t enough. It seems that those Indians who want to get rich quick could also be raping their daughters.

According to Associated Press (and widely quoted by Fox News TV), an ”Indian businessman has been arrested for allegedly raping his daughter for more than eight years, apparently on the advice of a Hindu mystic who said it would make him wealthy, police said Thursday. Police also arrested the man’s wife, suspected of being an accomplice, and the mystic — a tantrik, or practitioner of the ancient Indian art of the occult — for allegedly raping the man’s other minor daughter”.

Indians do everything their astrologers tell them. Even politicians take advice from their astrologers on whether to contest elections or not. As for marriage, every Indian has to get his or horoscope matched with his or her spouse. Recently the wedding of Aishwarya Rai to Abishek Bachan was delayed because astrologers said that Abishek’s life would be in danger unless something was done to appease the gods. So Ashwariya was taken to some special temples (even, strangely enough, the shrine of a Muslim saint in Ajmer), and the astrologers decided that they could become husband and wife. Now if this could happen in a highly educated family like the Bachans, chances are the ordinary poor and hungry Indian is probably so much under the control of astrologers that he even asks them what time he should go to the bathroom!

15 thoughts on “How to become rich in “shining” India!”

  1. ohh please…
    stop blaming each other…
    people are bad at both sides, and good people also exist..
    but please spread goodnesss…

    its nt people raping, ” it ws a exception” and he shud be hanged frm his penis.

    and more thing…
    women is sumthing dat need respect.. so give dem… please.

  2. shakir,to drink or not to drink ,is one’s choice.religion,customs or even social structure of a society has nothing to do with it.Even people in Pakistan r used to booze(secretely or freely,i don’t know)e.g.your governor from punjab..but drinking,smoking can’t be the sole factor of deciding anything about a nation.There is always a minor section of a society in each and every country that’s misguided…mob hindus in india,mob muslims in india,terrorist muslims favouring taliban in pak,afghanistan.An act of hitler do not represent the views of every germans.As a modeate we need to undertand the need of the hour,Education,eradication of poverty,social injustices etc.I know lots n lots of hindus who favour my views and oppose hindu or muslim extremists.I as a true indian has the responsiblity to make my country the greatest ,by making it the land of love,equality and liberty..i said i never considered pak as an enemy but as a lost young brother and a potential friend.allah hafiz

  3. Arif how is mr. advani and the hindutva wild mobs doing? Hope they dont come to a slum near you =D

  4. att: arif, I know there’s a lot of freedom in India, including the freedom to drink as much as you want. Please read the post again (when you’re sober), it has nothing to do with Indian Muslims. It’s about superstitious Indian Hindus who do anything their astrologers tell them, even raping their own daughters.

  5. Well Well Well…y u people keep on saying there is a problem with indian muslims…R you trying to connect with them.Social problems are everywhere .these things happens with each and every devloping nation.Look what happened with Mukhtar mai.we never said “Pakistan is a country of rapists”.such problems are there in both the countries.we share the same culture and history.We indian never blamed pakistani people…infact we love them…but the problem is with your regime..government…pakistani government went on to pact with talibans in SWAT…the terrorists…we don’t have any restrictins wht to wear and think…and please don’t talk about indian muslims…we are much safer and happier here in India …you never accepted muslims from india and call them mohajir and talk about indian muslims..shame..India is a secular nation…i m free here and enjoy and feel shame…no need to think about us…Proud to be a muslim and evern more to be a true Indian…allah hafiz


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