How to beat your Husband?

I’ve received a video about a cleric explaining that it’s perfectly OK for a Muslim to beat his wife, provided it doesn’t cause any bleeding or bruises, and the beating is not on the face or any sensitive parts of the body. I knew of course that such Stone Age people existed (like those on this blog who believe in black magic), but this takes the cake.

Just what is a sensitive part of the body? And how would a man, who is in a fit of anger, beat her in such a way that she’s not hurt? But then I thought there should be some guidelines for Muslim women to beat their husbands too. Although some cases of husband-beating and husband-killing are reported in the press, by and large it’s the men who do the beating.

Should the wife also limit the beating to non-sensitive parts of his body? Or should she hit him on the head with a bottle? Maybe there are some women on this blog who regularly beat their husbands and they’ll tell us how they do it.

15 thoughts on “How to beat your Husband?”

  1. @Mohamed: Jazakallaho khayran wa barakallaho feek!!! Very well said!!!

    Dearest brother, such people seriously do not have peace in life which is why to make themselves feel better they write gibberish stuff.

    May Allah SWT make your marital bond a source of pure happiness and blessings, ameen!

  2. @Shakir: not every Pakistani is like you either, and your kind is very very little in number. You better live in surreal and think that all good will happen to you and all bad will happen to people who even think about implementing ‘Sharia Laws’… May Allah keep you alive till the day when you yourself will see who will win. But as a universal truth that you shouldn’t forget is:

    “Sinners are not Winners they always are Loosers”

  3. @Shakir,
    Alhamdulillah, seventh year of a blissful marriage and did not have to raise a finger at my wife, this is because we have implemented the Islamic system in our lives. It is you and your Western masters who have to beat to the extent of killing your wives after allowing free intermingling, kissing, dancing and having casual relations with other men just see the homicide statistics-

    Regarding your taunt of being few in numbers to ever establish Allah’s deen in totality, this was the insinuating taunt of the Mushriks of Macca on the prophet (pbuh). They said you are few in numbers and you have no children to carry-forward your mission. In response Allah swt revealed surah Al Kauthar and promised the prophet great reward and encouraged him to pray and have patience. He finally promised that his enemies will be cut-off. You and your Western masters too will suffer being cut-off from the future like the Mushriks of Macca. All I can say is – may Allah guide you, else you have no peace in this life nor any hope in the next.

  4. @Shakir,
    Who is Taliban according to you? in Swat itself there are more than 20 groups claiming to be Taliban. The laws of Islam are universal and derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah with due ijma process. Certainly a few among the Taliban have done commendable work in establishing the Sharia. What have you done in Pakistan to implement the Sharia? In Surah Maidah itself Allah calls anyone who implements a system other than based on the book of Allah as 1. Thzalimoon (oppressors) 2. Fasikoon (rebels/ disobedient) 3. Kafirs (disbelievers) in three different verses. You have involved in the Kufr democratic system far from the Sharia. Shame on you!

    You want me to follow the your media for daily news of the Taliban. Here is what Allah tells us about You, your media and the media of your Western masters:

    Al Qur’an 49:6 – “O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one (fasiq) with information, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become, over what you have done, regretful”


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