How much truth?

We live in the Twentieth Century, year: 2006.

Today is October 7th 2006, day: Saturday.

The only thing I know, that matches the Islamic calendar is the day Saturday.


I’m fasting not because its October, but because it is Ramzan, (I hardly know which month is it in Islamic calendar)


All through the year, Moharram and Ramzan are two of the Islamic months we know.

What about the rest? :-S

I know all the 12 months in Christian/Georgian calendar. I need to check out the newspaper in order to check which Hijra it is.

My DOB, I know is in Christain format too.Yet, I call myself a Muslim. Oh yes, I live in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan! (I never felt so!)

2 thoughts on “How much truth?”

  1. You have raised an important issue. Its unfortunate that we are mostly unaware of islamic calendar. Its important that we should remember important events with islamic dates especially for observing anniversaries etc and its not very much difficult.

    There are various sites at which one can convert the Christian date into Hijra date like


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