How much do you reveal?

For me, the most daunting part about blogging is what and how much to reveal about myself. If I am assertive about my liberal stand and candid about my daily lifestyle, I would run the risk of attacks by friends, occasional readers and may be psychopathic stalkers, I value. But if I am less so, the blog loses the edgy, honest and voyeuristic sparkle that are some ingredients of good blogging, so we have been told by gurus. Besides, what is the point of voicing my thoughts if I have to soften them? But any careless decision can result in dire consequences.

Blogs are private in nature. Bloggers write as if they are talking to their best friends and there is no external control but are public in reach.

How much do you reveal about our self on your personal blogs? How much do you hide? Do you ever make up to add some spice here and there? Or am I already treading on hotter ground. Part with your secret. Will you?

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