Headscarf with Tight Clothing

The word hijab means to veil so, in my opinion, the face veil should be called a hijab. The burqa could also be called a hijab since it veils the entire body. However, why is the headscarf called a hijab?

Some girls wear the headscarf and along with it, tight pants and tight jeans. I am not trying to lecture girls about what they should wear. What they wear (or don’t wear!) is up to them. All I’m saying is that if a girl wants to wear tight clothes, she must not wear the headscarf. This is simply insulting the headscarf and Islam.

Some girls roam around with guys, including those who dress decently and wear a headscarf. They make a joke of themselves and the headscarf, making people wonder why they chose to wear the headscarf in the first place.

Some parents force their daughters to wear the headscarf. There is no such thing as force in Islam and more importantly, force doesn’t work. When a lot of girls go to school, they leave their house with the headscarf on and the moment they are outside, they take it off. After school finishes and they are about to enter the house, they put it back on.

Some girls who are forced don’t take the headscarf off and hang out with guys and/or wear tight clothes. The blame goes to parents for forcing their daughters to wear the headscarf. I’m surprised parents pay so much attention to the headscarf and not to the way their daughter dresses up. These parents have obviously not understood that it is more important for a girl to dress decently than cover her hair.

Not all girls are forced though. Many choose to wear the headscarf but they don’t have enough common sense to know that it is more important to cover the body than their hair so they must not wear tight clothing with it, and if they do, then they should not wear a headscarf.

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  1. Whats wrong in our culture and religious identity is just plain wrong. No supporting arguments are required. Women should be dressed modestly. If you ask a girl who dresses without care she would say men should lower there gaze okay men should but arn’t the promoting promiscuity and decadence in society it wont go away with lowering gaze of men only. Its such a hypocritical and disgusting statement one can get. Men should control no doubt but women should be careful wherever they are!

    @ JKS
    Have you heard that song of sirmixalot:P jeans are noticeable for sure in west as well!

  2. there is no such thing as ‘western’ clothes anymore

    little kids even in Federal Tribal Areas wear jeans sometimes or an Adidas t-shirt.

    We are quick to come to these rash judgements about people and/or their beliefs.

    I believe one should worry about him/herself first before judging others.

  3. Thanks, A Khan. I thought some of you would find views from the other side interesting. I don’t quite get the “degradation” part–do you mean Pakistanis wearing western dress or tight jeans in Pakistan? I can see how it might look degenerate to you, but it’s normal attire and unremarkable here in the US.

  4. Very correctly said Sir! .. this is something that the head scarfers should consider… the problem is .. that no one is sincere with anything.. and we are proud to follow the western culture.. which is degradation .. for men .. as well as women.. Jazak’Allah for the post!

  5. Headscarves, hijabs. A funny story: In the eighties, my first cousin, who is an engineer, and his wife went to Saudi Arabia to build a hospital in Juttah (sp?). His wife, a born-and-raised American, was compelled to wear a hijab (with face-veil,) and baggy clothes, could not go out alone, could not drive a car, and taught in the American school there. Two years later, when the hospital job was finished, she said to my cousin, her husband: “I’m SICK of this; let’s drive home, and I’m driving!”
    They packed their things and he drove them out of Saudi Arabia. When they crossed the border she took the wheel and tossed her hijab into the desert wind. Two months later they arrived in Shanghai, China. She had driven most of the way, and they had spent a small fortune in bribes for border-guards along the way. It was quite an adventure.

    There are two Muslim women from Jordan, and a young man from Palestine, all age early twenties, who work in the grocery store where I frequently shop, here in North Carolina, USA. The young ladies wear their headscarves–different colors, with neat forehead-bands, quite nice, actually–but otherwise dress exactly as the locals do, tight jeans and all. Why they retain the hajibs here is a mystery to me, because the hajibs make them stick out in the crowd in a way that is not always well-taken here; many Westerners consider Muslims to be up to no good.

    These three seem to be quite nice, though, friendly, helpful and competent at their jobs. I don’t think they’ve been here very long, and they’re probably as curious about the locals as we are about them. Ha-ha! When I greeted the young man, Gus, with “AsalaamoAlaikum,” he lit up into a huge smile; the first time I greeted one of the young women with it, she looked a bit frightened, as though I was an old undercover religious policeman, come to chastise her for her tight jeans. It is impossible to distingish the young man, who obviously wears no Islamic headscarf, from a local until you hear his accent; many locals probably think he’s Mexican, of which many live here.

    Different strokes for different folks.

  6. lolz.. bulls eye yusha…
    Well they even get offended when stared I think they are a confused lot. But beware there numbers may surpass our expectations:P
    We have been successful in growing a hypocrtitical society and people seem to be O.K. with it. Myself included. I feel so much guilt inside of me sometimes and at other an ecstatic feeling of weightlessness and bliss. I hope the later persists but it vanishes. A fleeting wave of happiness. Anyhow, as I was saying the girls know what they are doing, they pretend to be naive. Sometimes one can see fitted abayas with red or white 6 inch heel coat shoes u know deep inside your heart that the girl inside of this is an excited electron thats in the otermost rims of its nucleus.lolz (no pun intended)

  7. True. Most people seem to be under this misconception that if the hair is revealed then in the Hereafter the hair will turn into snakes. But they seem to have skipped what happens when one wear such suffocatingly tight clothes that reveal in a very sickening way (i don’t even want to talk about the revolting bulges that they display).

    this is truly an insult to the pure religion, Islam. I fail to understand what do some Muslim women achieve by thus exposing themselves. Are the few glances that they attract more rewarding than the rewards of the Hereafter that one will get by following Allah’s Commands?

    Indeed, they have a very limited vision!

  8. beautiful post.
    absolutely right.
    it seems like a joke, the way we behave!
    making body prominent invites plenty of bad opposite sex attention than not wearing”head scarf”, although we should be saying that head scarf plus decent loose enough clothes is what girls need to wear and make a habit of!
    m ishaq


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