Fresh and Juicy Fruits of Pakistan

Pakistan Fruits

Remembering the June of 2008, when I was wondering around in a super store of Dammam in the fruits section where fruits are displayed in the most beautiful manner. I tried to smell one of the mangoes but in spite of all efforts I couldn’t get even a slight mango smell. I moved ahead towards Aaloo bukharas and grapes, and after tasting them I realized that if I close my eyes and eat one of these it would be impossible for me to differentiate between these two fruits. In fact the tags were the best way to identify each fruit as smell & tastes don’t vary much.

Today in Pakistan, I see plenty of summer fruits flowing from all parts of the country. Mangoes of Multan, Melons & Watermelons of Arifwala, apricots of Quetta, Falsa’s from Punjab & Sindh, Aaloo bukharas from the frontiers and many more to come ahead. I realized how people of this region have been blessed with fresh, juicy & tasty fruits all around the year. Prices might have gone higher but the tastes still have no comparison. Although many of these fruits are exported but still there are more and more room available to bring money into the country.

Presently we need to learn how to thank God for the blessings He has blessed us in spite of crying over which we don’t have. I believe God has been kind to us, and we will get more from His blessing when we starts thanking Him for the wonderful things we already have.

Image: Altaf Sheikh

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