Freedom Fighting is not an option, either you are a terrorist or you are a terrorist.

Mangal Panday , Bhagat Singh , Azaad , Raajguru remind us not of a bunch of hooligans chanting for and instigating mindless rebellion but of a voice whose movement shocked the colonial raaj out of its brutish complacency- forcing them to address the grievances and the discontent (though it took long time for them to actually start behaving yet these were the first steps). These men and their resonating voices which all sounded for united-India’s independence and for united-India’s right to self-determination had, still have and will continue to have meaning for the people of our part of the world. These men might have used arms but what lead to their aggression is not a random moment of the day- a whole tradition of injustice was responsible for it and finally lead to it. They were, are, and will continue to be united-India’s heroes no matter how devouringly strong an institution may come to criticize them.

Then why has it happened that people who honoured those who fought against injustice should drive others to a point and then try to stifle rightful rebellion of a land that has undergone exploitation since the inception of Pakistan, in terms of its resources, in terms of the royalties that it deserves for having its resources used up by the rest of the country- exploitation that now has exceeded beyond limitation and definition, injustice and abuse that are subtly being categorized under terms such as security measures, collateral damage(the most heartless term in the area of modern warfare) and various other terms readily available these days

There are people who do not see anything crucial in the ‘law and order’ situation in Balochistan and call the locals ‘insurgents’ who as far as the government is concerned clearly support terrorists and should therefore be held accountable for their confederacy with them. General Sahib is persistent as far as military action in some parts of the region is concerned, regions where locals reside in large numbers and eventually innocent locals are being victimized which will lead to nothing positive – only rebellion can come out of such disregard for civilians of one’s own country. On top of the blatant stupidity, and of all the organizations operating within Pakistan, the Balochistan Liberation Front ( BLF ) has been declared a terrorist organization immediately and apparently for having claimed responsibility for certain blasts but actually for raising its voice to attain provincial autonomy and against Punjabistan’s exploitative measures.

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  1. Well… Balochistan was never a sovereign nation it was a confederation all along starting from the 12th centry rule of Mir Jalal Khan to the Khanate of Kalat but when Pakistan was getting its independence then at that time an agreement was signed between the Khan of Kalat & Mr. Jinnah in which it was clear Pakistan wont invade Balochistan but at the same time Balochistan will act as a confederation where the conditions were that Pakistan govt wont interfere in Baloch internat issues but their Foreign consultancy will be under Pakistan’s notification. the crisis actually happend when in 1948 on India radio it was announced that the Khan of Balochistan have asked help from the Indian Authorities against Pakistan – if its rumor or not that is still not confirmed but due to the fear the Khan was forced to sign agreement to join Pakistan (this happened before any miliaty drama it was all black n blue) the military drama happened when the younger brother of Khan refused to this n took arms against Pakistan. That staged the whole play which is still being played. look the point is even at the time of British rule the tribal areas which were included in Kalat now Marri Bugti and Mengal tribes they were hardly touched by them. The other two princely states beside Kalat was Makran and Lasbela. The point that the Pakistani authorities as well as people are over looking is baloch wether we like it or not have a very distinctive set of identity and culture & thats the whole beauty. The more ny one presses it the more it will bounce with vigor. the important thing is every one shud stop blaming each other. events have happened on both sides but one is more responsible for it which is the government after all they r ruling over Punjab, Pukhtunkhwa and Sindh why is it that only Balochistan is left alone. N the most silliest argument & ignorance lies on the fact of blamming thse 3 sardars… They were part of the government once of pakistan and on high serious positions and all of a sudden they have became notorious, rebel, terrorist… Killing people as pest wont make the situation ny better. So Please People it is my humble request to please blaming a punjabi or a baloch, sindhi or a pathan for any thing… Pakistan needs Balochistan as much as Balochistan need Pakistan


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