Fort Munro

Fort Munro was originally known as Anari Mool, Balochi language words meaning hilltop with Pomegranate trees. In 1880, the British Commission of Layyah Division Mr. Munro developed this place and shifted here the summer headquarters of Layyah Division. The road from Dera Ghazi Khan to this place was constructed in 1880 and the name of place was changed to Fort Munro.

The vacation spot is now abounded by the rest houses of different government departments and private residences. Plaque of Munro house on the remains of old commissioner house and name plate of Robert Sandeman (the originator of Forward Policy) can also be seen near the relics of one of the old houses. It is impossible to describe the fort and other old buildings as all the traces of ancient remains have vanished.

The tribal area conceded to Punjab in 1950 under an agreement between the Pakistan government and eight of the prominent Tumanders. The names of the Tumanders who signed the agreement are written on the monumental slab standing near the old commissioner house.

There is an old Christian graveyard in Fort Munro. The signs of only few graves are left by the rages of time. One prominent grave with a cross on the top is of Maude Evelyn – the wife of Captain Frerrar who died in 1906 at the age of 26 years. Another that can be recognized is of an infant who died at the age of six days.

Trimun waterfall is one of the most beautiful sights in Fort Munro. Droplets of clean and cold water fall into a bowl cut out from stone. Local lore assign that a sufi named Ali Muhammad Laghari made this bowl. People and animal used to take water from these sources before the water supply scheme started with the installation of tube wells in village Kaha Sultan. The people of the villages around Fort Munro living in tough but graceful subsistence still do the same. Covered with huge trees and about 100 steps down is Demis lack. Boat that used to be here for tourist is lying broken in one corner of the lack. There is a need of a small shop where people can buy tea, drinks and other eatables. And, the benches should be installed around the lack.

Tourism Corporation has constructed a hotel on the location. Having no other choice, the tourists might stay here but they invariably settle for “Sajji” lunch and or dinner that are famous in the area.

The only resort in Southern Punjab deserves much more attention than what it is getting. It could be developed into a popular, busy and income generation resort in the area. Presently, sadly, what all one gets in Fort Munro is a bit of cool breeze. Extensive tree plantation is required in the entire area. Some attractions like Chair Lift (project for the installation of chair lifts from village Annari to Demis lack is already there in papers) will also do wonders with the good old Fort Munro.

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