Foreign Help to Pakistani Police

When every day our army claims that they do not need any foreign help to fight against the terrorists why does our police force needs help from foreign aid why cannot we reduce the budget and let the army train our police forces so even they won’t need the foreign help to fight the terrorists. Specially the retired army officers can do the same. If our army claims they are good and as the Presidents statement that our army will win against Al-Qaeda. Then our army should be capable enough to train our police forces. Why does the police needs foreign help. I do not say that there is anything wrong in taking anybodies help but as Pakistan being a weak country economically can we afford foreign help and if our army is so good why they do not become the trainees of our law agencies.

If Pakistan needs democracy the law agencies are the ones to be perfect control like Pakistan’s army whenever there is Moharrram or any such event its always the army being called to give protection why cannot Pakistan law enforcement agencies do the same work and Pakistan can restore its democracy and pursue good riddance of the army. All the time if such situations are controlled by the army and not just the law agencies Pakistan can only dream of having democracy. While on the other hand the neighboring country India if you take the only army they require is for Kashmir while inside the country only the law enforcement agencies handle the Hindu Muslim riots and the Shia and Sunni riots do not exists there. Should our concentration be on Israel and Palestine riots or Shia and Sunni riots when will the people learn. Which riots are more necessary to the unity of a country and its believers. When Iran a Shia sect has always stood against America and Israel yet in Pakistan we forcefully see the riots of Shia Sunni. Why is it because Saudi Arabia because of his oil trade stands with America yet the rest of the Muslim world stands against it. Now should we learn from Saudi Arabia who has never had any procession against America and is still standing by it for its Iraq release and protection of land of Iraq and yet the part of the Muslim of Pakistan keep standing against it. In the near future as it seems Afghanistan taking the same steps as Saudi Arabia will rise and get a full release like Saudi Arabia but Pakistan will remain in the same conflicts like Shia Sunni or Palestine and cursing America should the people be wiser look towards the approach of the Saudi Arabia how he has never had any processions against America or should we remain in the same conflicts of illiteracy and remain behind the world. Working for ourselves only and not for the countries economy.

2 thoughts on “Foreign Help to Pakistani Police”

  1. its my heartily wish that Pakistan police do something, i agree that they are not properly trained, its my personal experience that most of them have no objective in their life, PML-Q Punjab government makes good changes last year for traffic police, I think everyone appreciate it, one year passed of PPP still public don’t know what our leaders are doing


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