Fakhr-e-Alam appeal for Pakistan Flood Victim Relief through PIA

Fakhr-e-Alam, who made his mark with humanitarian activities during 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, comes forward to appeal for flood victims, in association with PIA.

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  1. To K Usmani: Yeah i know abt mansoura!! but the problem is.. they are only collecting and will deliver the goods after eid!! i want to send the goods ASAP…
    warna collect to embassy school b kar ra hia!

  2. To Sidra
    One collection point is MANSOURAH SCHOOL in GHUBAIRA, Riyadh.
    I heard that they are collecting used clothes etc and will arrange to deliver them.

  3. Where can we ship or take these survival kits to if living in the Los Angeles as there are no PIA flight from LA. Please respond

  4. This might answer a lot of your concerns and questions. Be sure to tune in. For further info and details check out website http://hpkn.info


    On Sunday, Aug 29, 2010 from 1pm-4pm EST GEO TV (Channel 745 on Dish Network)

    Fakhar Alam will be hosting the telethon, along with Adnan Siddiqui, Javad Ahmed, Behroze Subzwari and others.

    On the west coast, the telethon will be at 10AM.- Live from GEO TV studios in New York

    Tune to Channel 745 and Ask how you can help!

  5. I have food boxes. PIA officer asked me not to put them in boxes as fakhr-e-alam explained. they said they with “take care” of it. I know how our governement “takes care” of things.
    Please tell me how can I send these food items without anyone stealing anything???

  6. Relief good are not being uplifted from riyadh regulary.
    Theres a lottttttttttttt of edible items still lying at Pakistan Embassy school waiting for PIA to be delivered to Pakistan!

  7. yes pleaseee answer the question posted by ali ikram.

    Also, can we add a pair or two of used but GOOD clothes? would that be of use?

  8. would like to know how do you keep track of the boxes sent through PIA. A lot of us are interested in sending these boxes but would like to know how you ensure that you recieve all the boxes sent. What if the PIA employees do a ghapla??? please answer


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