Fakhr-e-Alam appeal for Pakistan Flood Victim Relief through PIA

Fakhr-e-Alam, who made his mark with humanitarian activities during 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, comes forward to appeal for flood victims, in association with PIA.

14 thoughts on “Fakhr-e-Alam appeal for Pakistan Flood Victim Relief through PIA”

  1. Dear

    I would like to Volunteer work with Fakhar as I did at the time of earth quick & found him really sincere with his job. so please let me know his current location where we all can make comine efforts.

  2. ATTN: Mr. Aman as you ask about the boxes if you want to send any box so please drop it to any nearest P.I.A’s booking office it is free of cost and these items deliverd to flood victums in the supervision of Mr. Fakhar e Alam and P.I.A.



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