Facts about FISH…

Here are some interesting facts about some species of fish:

  • Great white shark is very rare and the largest predatory fish. They weigh about 1433 pounds and are fourteen feet and nine inch in length on the average. Some great sharks grow more than twenty feet.
  • The deadly puffer fish in the Red sea and the Indo-Pacific region contains a deadly toxin in the fish’s ovaries, eggs, blood, liver, intestines and skin…0.004 oz of which can kill an adult human in less than twenty minutes.
  • The electrical eel found in fresh waters of Brazil and Guiana. It can release an electric shock of up to 650 volts, which is strong enough to light a bulb or harm an adult human.
  • Toxin from the spines and pedicels (small pincer like organs) of the flower sea urchin causes severe pain, respiratory problems and paralysis in humans.

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