Facebook Discriminatory Policy Against Muslims and Islam

Say No To FacebookLast night I came across an event on Facebook titled “EVERYBODY DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY”. I opened that page and I was stunned to see the derogatory drawings and insulting and mocking pictures of our beloved Prophet (PBUH). I didn’t use Facebook for a while so I wasn’t aware of this pathetic event taking place through Facebook. I googled it and got to know that this is in revenge against the censorship of South Park episode “201” by Comedy Central in response to perceived death threats from radical Islamists.

This reason seems so lame. Firstly the Non-Muslims made an offensive program and when the Muslims reacted, they took revenge in this form. They begun it in the first place and now they are using a social network like Facebook to promote this idea. It is in the policy of Facebook that if a certain number of people will report against an event, then the Facebook administration would take some action against it. Thousands of Muslims across the world have reported this event but so far no action has been taken.
It really feels bad and this is so unfair, why always the Muslims?

I wish I could kill all those who are creating these violent groups and engaging themselves in these sick and shameful acts. They prove by their actions that they are the extremists, not we, and still they call us extremists and terrorists. It seems as if our whole life revolves around Facebook, we’re just so used to all this derogatory stuff that no one really bothers, we’re a dead nation who doesn’t take any action on such events which is really depressing. What we should do is to deactivate our Facebook accounts.

Some action should also be taken on a massive scale and government of Muslims countries should also play their part in this regard as this is quite a big deal. I don’t know what are they waiting for?

Are we really residing in a Muslim state? I don’t think so!!!!

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  1. @ James: this is from the Bible: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or is in the earth beneath, or that is in the waters under the earth; you shall not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them”. This ban on making pictures is there in both Judaism and Christianity. However, only Muslims follow it strictly by banning pictures of all prophets and other holy personages. But I have been told that in Iran it is not a crime to sell portraits of holy men revered by the Shiite Muslims. I once saw a newspaper photo of a vendor in Teheran selling pictures of Imam Hussain (grandson of the Prophet), the greatest Muslim martyr.

  2. be 1sm A1lawh!
    al-Salam alekum!

    Are not all Prophets equally respectable in Islam to a Muslim?
    How come our video shops and cartoon channels are not banned from showing movies and cartoon of Prophet NUh, Musa, Esa, Ibrahim and others? There are movies such as Prophecy with Hazrat Jibraeel as an evil character.
    You know what, had we been real Muslims, we would have stood up for other Prophets long before they had the courage to step this far!
    I dont blame any one for this sad sad incident but our selves that we dont respect all Prophets of Islam and just one when it comes to making cartoons and pictures.
    Lets talk about Bann, it will be fair only if GOvt takes steps to bann and remove the cartoons videos from Cable and Video shops too which are not on face book but in their own very country.
    It is a good thing that we did something, but we need to do justice with what ever we do, i demand banning of all such videos and movies and cartoons that depict stories and images of any Prophet of Islam and not just the Last! To make cartoon/picture of one Prophet is like making cartoon of all the rest!
    We need to prove that we love the Last Prophet by showing respect to all Prophets, i hope my word gets around on this issue and that we don’t just move on as if nothing happened!

  3. James, I thank you for your question regarding the dignified portrait. Current caricature reaction is for the fact that it is meant to insult the Holy Prophet. This comes under blasphemy – a religious term to describe “a contemptuous or profane act, utterance, or writing concerning God or a sacred entity”(quoted from Free online Dictionary).

    Having said that, Islamic teachings also do not allow painting of any kind or sort no matter how dignified it is or no matter it has been painted by the best painter or artist in the world.

    So to say, no portrait painting, drawing, caricature, cartoon or any kind of depiction is permissible in the Islamic law.

    I believe you already know what I just said above. Your question is related to the rationale behind above Islamic teaching i.e., why even a dignified portrait is not allowed in the religion propounded by the Holy Prophet Hazard Muhammad (peace be upon him). Here is the reason or what the legal profession calls jurisprudence for not allowing a dignified portrait.

    Monotheism or belief in ONE God is pivotal in the religion of Islam. The very first words that a person needs to utter with his tongue and say with his heart to profess this religion are and I am translating it here: “There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.” Another version of same profession is “There is no God except Allah and Muhammad is His servant and messenger. Please keep in mind Allah is Arabic word and means “the God”. We cannot worship anyone except Allah or the God we cannot worship even the Prophet of Allah i.e . . . . Muhammad (peace be upon) though Muslims love him so dearly; we regard him as our Intercessor (or the advocate) who will defend us on the Day of Judgment; despite all this when it comes to ranking we believe he is a servant of Allah and so are all other prophets. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to say it so often that he is the messenger and servant of Allah.

    James, now I shall come to your portrait question. But before that, let’s have a brief look at history. Because every law has a context and a perspective we need to know that to understand its jurisprudence. The Holy Prophet was born in 570 AD in Mecca in the country now called Saudi Arabia. He declared his prophet hood at the age of forty years after receiving first divine message through the archangel Gabriel (note it is the same angel who, , per Bible, explained signs from God and announced the conception, birth, and mission of Jesus to Mary). In the Qur’an, that is revealed in Arabic language Arabic version of Mary is Miriam (may Allah be pleased with her) she is a revered personality and is held in high esteem by Muslim. At the time of the birth of the prophet idol worshipping was a very common practice and there were hundreds of different types of idols who were believed to answer hundreds of different types of needs of its believers. The House of Allah built by the Prophet Abraham (peace is upon him) long before the declaration of prophet hood by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace is upon him) housed hundreds of idols. After the fall of Mecca one of the first things that were done by the Holy Prophet was to clear the House of Allah (also call Khana-e-Kaaba) of the idols. It was specifically forbidden to make or create any image, drawing or idol of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) so that later generations of Muslims do not start worshipping that image or idol. As already explained Monotheism is most crucial part of Islamic belief and any attempt to dilute it could not be tolerated. It is because of this strict order and warning that you will not find any Muslim doing such a thing, if it is done it is called shirk. It is said that Allah with his infinite mercy may pardon any or all sins of a person but not shirk. Shirk is defined as any belief that anyone has same attribute, capability or capacity as Allah has. So in order to pre-empt any possibility of shirk even a highly dignified portrait of the holy prophet or any other sacred entity would not be permissible under the teachings of Islam. I have tried to be as brief as possible but a backgrounder was in order so you can have a clear understanding of the situation and that I may be able to satisfy your query as best as I can. Have yourself a great weekend.

  4. Muhamad, or any of you other Muslims, do you think the reaction in the Muslim world to a portrait of Mohammed by a western artist would have been different if the artwork in question had been a serious, dignified portrait, instead of mere impudent caricatures little better than the graffiti on men’s room walls?
    It comes to me that all the major religions of the world, with the single exception of Islam, have been endowed through time with many graphic representations of their revered personages, and have benefited greatly thereby. I am wondering why it is haram to portray Mohammed in graphic form–is this written somewhere, and if so, who wrote it, and why do you think they did?

  5. A time has come when a line of distinction between freedom of expression and freedom of attack on another person’s personal belief needs to be drawn. Who can do it? UN; the same world body that made universal declaration of human rights. For a Muslim all prophets are most revered personalities chosen by God to preach His message to the humanity. Muslims revere them all – be it Moses (peace be upon him) Christ (Peace be upon him) or Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him). Attempt to caricature the Holy Prophet is an act of michief rather than an act of freedom of expression. All those who are dealing with it know in the heart of their hearts. On such occasion when i hear someone is doing such a mischief i recall the life of the Holy Prophet and his humility and his forgiving nature. I recall that prior to his departure from Mecca, when he used to pray one old woman who was in the opposition camp used to come and put a heap of garbage on his back while he was praying head down in sujda; and she used to do it so regularly but once what happened that she did not turn up do her dirty deed for sometime. The Holy Prophet asked someone why that person could not be seen any more; someone said she is sick and in bed and cannot walk; the Holy Prophet went to her home and asked about her well being and prayed for her speedy recovery.

    The life and deeds of the Holy Prophet are a reminder if we want to learn from them. We have a right to protest; we dont have right to hurt others. Islam is a religion of peace why its followers should be branded as violent. This is a question everybody should ask. Facebook or youtube are no big deal; All the related URLS should be blocked out of our love and respct for the Holy Prophet (S.A.W.) and we should peacefully protest on these very websites with our own point of view. We should be a part of the world community rather than being an island to ourselves. Our character should speak louder than words. Peace.

  6. Zile,
    I reject your comment. Aamir attempted a murder, there’s nothing courageous or virtuous about that. Let me make this perfectly clear: if you value a piece of printed paper above the life of a human being, you are a barbarian. This is not negotiable. Murder is allegedly not supported by Islam, and assassinations in foreign countries as retribution for non-violent acts are not self defense. This is not justifiable.

    It is precisely because of uncivilized attitudes such as yours why cartoons will be published again and again and again. Until you learn what it means to be part of a civilized world, and until you learn to respect the autonomous freedoms of other people in their countries beyond your delicate sensibilities.

    The next time you see a caricature of a raving, knife-swinging person labeled “muslim”, that’s a picture of you. Remember that, and don’t play offended.

  7. There is nothing wrong with peaceful protest.

    They banned YouTube today in Pakistan as well, FYI

    The funny thing is, all these bans will eventually be lifted and people will go right back to using them.

    It would be prudent for facebook ”authorities” to simply remove or censure the damn group. But then again, from their so-called ”freedom of speech” perspective, they are within their limits.

  8. As a revert to Islam and white Caucasian I know that what they are doing is following the Zionist support line to create divisions amongst Muslims by making insulting incitements in any of the networks that either is run by jews or supporters, for myself it clear and have left Facebook today, wish that other Muslims do the same and go to non bias networks.

    Ibrahim A.Otero
    Spainepages Owner

  9. Lahore High Court motioned to have a ban on facebook in Pakistan

    this is peaceful protest. Peacefully condemn blasphemy.

    Calling for violence is SO STUPID for Muslims; it just re-affirms stereotypes against us!

    Emotions simply get us in trouble. Its good to be rational and THINK!

  10. “I wish I could kill all those who are creating these violent groups”. Unfortunately, this is the reaction of most Muslims who do not know the real meaning of their religion. The Prophet (pbuh) himself was subjected to much abuse during his lifetime but he never reacted violently. All Muslims should stay within the law and not talk about killing others. There are legal ways to protest, we should adopt those.

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