Evidence of Significant Moon Water by NASA

Evidence of Significant Moon Water by NASA

From an analysis of data from a spacecraft LCROSS (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite), intentionally crashed into the permanently shadowed crater Cabeus on the moon’s South Pole last month, its evident and now officially announced by NASA that moon has significant amount of water. Scientist has been waiting for this discovery for many years since they got some signs of buried ice and hydrogen on moon.

“Indeed, yes, we found water. And we didn’t find just a little bit, we found a significant amount. The lunar impact kicked up at least 25 gallons of water and that’s only what scientists can see,” said Anthony Colaprete, the mission’s principal investigator at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

Having an abundance of water on the moon would make it easier to set up a base camp for astronauts by providing drinking water and an ingredient for rocket fuel. The latest finding is further evidence that the moon is not the dry, barren and could reinvigorate scientific interest.

I always wonder why such a huge amount of money is being wasted for finding signs of life in the universe other than earth while still we are unable to provide basic necessities of life for human beings living on earth. Is this curiosity regarding universe neighbors more important than our own neighbors whom we don’t have time to even bother about. The super powers should try to find some resources and conservation of water on earth to save human race in future rather than spending time and a hell lot of money to research about moon and its water content.

It is worth mentioning that it has been claimed that Indians first found the evidence of water on the Moon in their first ever lunar mission named Chandrayaan-1 in Sept 2009. NASA quickly geared up and sent another probe after getting this news and now with a great bang advertising this story that water is found at moon. It is sad that Indian government investing money to find moon water when large number of people are still looking for water in India. Not only in India globally water shortage is a problem but will moon water is a solution for us?

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  1. @ Hina: “The objective of moon mission was not to find water”. I was joking. Indians are known to do stupid things anyway. As someone with a science and engineering background, I know a lot about space exploration and the importance of setting up a base on the moon.

  2. I highly recommend Robert Heinlein’s THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS (195?) for a great read. It’s about a young fellow who grows up on a farm on the moon and some of his adventures. A science-fiction classic. So-called “hard” science-fiction incorporates known science into the stories; young readers of this grow up wondering if some of these things can really be made to happen, and do it. We owe radar, organ transplants, automated vending machines, NASA and quite a few other 20th-century innovations to Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars series (begun in 1911.)

    We must think beyond our own times, for our children’s children’s sake.

    Does anyone translate sci-fi into Urdu?

  3. Hina

    “NASA is not stealing the credit, Its a bunch of people (probably Indians) who think that way.”

    Let us be fair here and not selectively highlight some comments from bunch of anybody in order to needlessly prove some small things. There are enough such bunch of people in our part of the planet.

  4. @Hend

    the last para comprises of an extract from a comment made on Forbes site discussing the news of Moon water. NASA is not stealing the credit, Its a bunch of people (probably Indians) who think that way.

  5. Hina Safdar

    Which comments on Forbes are you referring to? Some arbitrary one from bloggers/ readers?

    No one in India seriously thinks or says that NASA is stealing the credit and whatever credit NASA claims, they fully deserve it. NASA is far far ahead of any other space agency and no one can even come close to them.

    Shakir Sahab

    The objective of moon mission was not to find water. There were many different probes from 6 or 8 countries for different experiments and measurements. To my knowledge measuring Helium-3 was one of the more important objectives.

    I don’t know discovery of water on moon will be used for Rajasthan but if it helps in setting up space station on moon or allow use of Hydrogen as rocket fuel or even allow refuelling of Hydrogen and Oxygen by breaking of H2O molecules, that itself should be quite a great thing for all of us humans, don’t you think so?

  6. In some states of India (like some parts of Rajashtan), there is shortage of water. Maybe the Indian government thought it would be cheaper to bring the moon water to India, rather than transport water to their dry areas from other parts of the country!

  7. Referring the last paragraph, NASA is not ‘claiming’ the credit for finding water or advertizing it as their solo find.

    I viewed their press conference a couple of months ago after the NASA probe ABOARD the Indian satellite had detected evidence of water and at the same time the experiments and data collected by the Indian scientists also detected water.

    The NASA mission director clearly acknowledged the role of ISRO and their mission in this discovery and thanked them for carrying the NASA probe. NASA is too big to steal small things.

    The twin rocket mission was not ‘find’ water but to find the ‘extent of’ water on moon. Two different things really.

    As for investing money in scientific exploration, I completely support it. A country needs to work in multiple directions to progress. Indian space program pays for itself by launching satellites for other countries. Thouse who don’t understand these concept or simply repeat the misinformed comments against it need to come out of beggar mentality.


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