E-mail scam on the rise

After lottery scams where a person has won millions because their name was randomly selected in America or an e-mail draw in Spain which has won them a fortune, we now have what is known as a nigerian scam. To read more about lottery scams click here

We have a joker in Africa sending e-mails all over the world that someone has died and left a will which only you and he will share. He has already talked to an attorney (I want to roll on the floor laughing)

These scammers always ask you to deposit some money first and also ask for personal information. I am surprised to know that a huge number of people fall for these scams all over the world. These criminals and scoundrels will keep doing their job. People should do their job by using common sense.

2 thoughts on “E-mail scam on the rise”

  1. This kind of scam is not new. Before internet became common, they would send letters by post. I once got a letter supposedly written by Mrs. Maryam Abacha (one of the widows of the late Nigerian president) offering me millions of dollars if I helped her retrieve some of her husband’s wealth stashed in foreign bank accounts.


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