Watch out for Lottery Scams!

You might get an e-mail that says your e-mail address has won this many million (currency) because it was found “attached to some ticket”. You, however, have to keep it a secret due to “a mix-up in some names and numbers.”

These scammers use the names of real lotteries to convince you and even give the website of that lottery. Their motive is to get your personal information, namely your bank account number and they also tell you that you will have to pay a certain amount in “fees” but this part comes later on.

There is absolutely no such thing as e-mail draws or winnings where you did not buy a ticket. Watch out for these scams!

5 thoughts on “Watch out for Lottery Scams!”

  1. i also received such email they asked for my information after geting my information they demand for money to complete my official work for the making of affidavite and transfer money then I reliaze they are boguse and i did not sent the money

  2. Omg…. thank u soooooo much for telling me allll this…i have soooo far recieved more than 300 such mails and i believed them…omg…thank u!!

  3. Confirmed. I got an email yesterday (not the first), stating that I won 345 million Euros. All I have to do is send them every bit of critical personal data there is, and wait for instructions on how I pay their “courier” for “clerical fees”. I hope they are holding their breath awaiting my reply. Oh, well, back to work.


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