Double Shah got 14 years of jail for his financial scam

Double ShahSyed Sibt-ul-Hassan alias ‘Double Shah’, one of the notorious conman of history of Pakistan, has been awarded a 14 year jail term by a local accountability court.

Double Shah, and his accomplices, were involved in financial scam worth Rs. 441.347 million, largest in the history of the country.

According to the News, the judge announced verdict after Double Shah confessed to his crime, saying he had no hope of conclusion of trial in near future.

Lashing out at National Accountability Bureau (NAB) authorities, he said they had presented a list of 4,400 witnesses against him but none of them had been produced so far. It seemed the trial could not be decided even in two decades, he added.

He admitted that he had received money from people but denied having cheated anyone. He said he had established the business for general public and returned their money after doubling it. He said he had returned more than two billion rupees to NAB. He pointed out that he did not want to run his case for two decades as NAB wanted to prolong it on one pretext or the other.

Double Shah scam started when Sibtul Hasan Shah traveled to Dubai, came back, and doubled his neighbor’s money just in 7 days. The news got out, and people, as everybody seem to have money without working for it, just flocked to get their moneys doubled.

Double Shah did doubled the money of lots of people, but the question is that whether he was building his trust to steal a huge sum afterwards, or was he a genuine philanthropist, who wanted everybody rich for doing nothing?

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