December 2006 is the deadline

These days everybody is talking about December 2006, declaring the month as deadline of sorts for various events and tasks. Here are some areas where December 2006 is the deadline:

1. Local: Karachi has been ripped open from end to end. Roads are digged in the name of development and trees are chopped down in the name of conservation. With four years to prove it’s efficiency, The City District Government of Karachi (CDGK) has set December 2006 as deadline to turn Karachi into ground zero.

2. National: With current government ending its term in last quarter of 2006 and an evergoing debate on president’s uniform reaching to its climax, December 2006 is a deadline in national political scenario. Political bigwigs and king-makers are active to attain big chunks in future government.

3. Regional: With United States set to attack Iran, India and Pakistan inching towards prospective resolution of Kashmir issue, December 2006 is the deadline for changes in the geo-political situation of the region.

4. Natural: With tsunami in december 2004, hurricanes and earthquake in last quarter of 2005, December 2006 is the deadline for worst natural calamities due to rapid change in global environmental conidtions.

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