Darogh Go – Haafza Na Bashed – Part 2

In part-1 I wrote about PPP. In this part I will be talking about PML-Q.

PML-Q, also known as the King’s Party, was formed without any ideology or manifesto. It was only a group of liars and betrayers who betrayed their actual party or leadership. (Commonly called LOTAs).

Most of them were close friends and loyal workers of Nawaz Sharif when he was in power. Their loyalty was actually with the power corridors and not with any mission or person. Famous poet Sehba Akhtar once said:

Taras kha aesi millat par jisay sab kuch nazar aaye
Magar jo phir bhee andhoN ki tarah say thokrain khaaye
Taras kha aesi millat par kushaamad jis may dar aaye
Kay jo her charhtay soraj ki parastish karnay lag jaye
Kay jo her aanay waly ko sunehray haar phenaaye
Magar jo janay walay par hazarooN sang barsaaye
Kisi ka taaj ho jaaye, kisi ka takht ho jaaye
Taras kha aesi millat par jo ibn-ul-waqt hojaye

Apart from their inherent nature of being character-less puppets who are only greedy for power, following are some of the highlights of PML-Q performance since its formation:

They made negotiations with other parties and presented a formula that if General Musharraf is accepted as the president he will leave army on 31st December 2004. Later they started saying that the country needs Musharraf in uniform and he should dishonor his promise – a promise that PML-Q made too. They shamelessly supported a lie of a head of state.

PML-Q made negotiations with Nawab Akbar Bugti but did not honor the promises they made to him. After the extra judicial killing of Bugti, they were not men enough to condemn this act of Musharraf.

PML-Q govt obeyed US dictation and made drastic changes in school curriculum removing or softening Islamic teachings in it.

They had the least courage to even nominate their own prime minister and had to follow external directives and helped Shaukat Aziz in securing at least a seat of NA so he could become the Prime Minister. Interestingly, the same Shaukat Aziz whose performance was praised by all puppets of Q league through out his tenure was denied a party ticket for 2008 general elections.

This party formed yet another committee to hold talks with Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid people. When every thing was agreed upon they betrayed everyone and supported mass killing of innocent children and girls there.

This party claimed that its only under their rule that media is given so much freedom but then its the same party that imposed worst form of ban on media

PML-Q is the unique party that supported an Army General and elected him twice as the president. It shows their impotency that neither they had a political leader who could be nominated as Prime Minister nor they had anyone who could be elected as the President.

Under this party rule several profitable institutions were sold on loss like Habib Bank.

Its this party that allowed Agha Khan education board to run a parallel school system.

Its this party which is blamed and accused of doing pre-poll rigging by even his own members and former ministers like Sher Afghan Niazi and Wasi Zafar etc.

Inflation breaking all records, worst form of electricity and gas outages, disintegration among all sections of society, humiliation by even pseudo states like Afghanistan, allowing India to set fence on LoC in Kashmir without resistance and promoting vulgarity and western values in country by supporting and passing the Women’s rights bill in assembly are just a few achievements of this political thug group.

So its up to the people of Pakistan to elect and follow these corrupt people and let them further ruin this nation and state or not.

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