Darogh Go – Haafza Na Bashed – Part 1

February 18th is the general election day in Pakistan. All major parties are contesting and have run a largely media based campaign. Of all the parties the more prominent ones – those who have the probability of winning seats in double figures – are:

1- PPP
2- PML-Q
3- PML-N
4- MMA-(or, JUI-F)
5- MQM

In this article, we will briefly summarize the lies and betrayals of these parties and their leaders to the people of Pakistan during the recent past.

1- PPP (Pakistan People’s Party)

Let’s start with the infamous corruption cases that forced the leadership to stay in self imposed exile. Initially they stated that Surrey Palace has no connection to them. But later when it was proved otherwise they said that no one can prove that it was bought of black money.

First Mr Zardari – the present chairman – used to say that he will not make any deal with the government but later he was released without being declared not guilty and his name was also removed from ECL and he flew right away leaving his party and people behind.

The late chairperson used to say that no negotiations could be done with military dictator but later she did the very same thing in Abu Dhabi – UAE.

First she was not willing to talk to Nawaz Sharif but then joined him. However after joining him in the struggle against military rule, when Nawaz Sharif called an APC, she made every effort to sabotage it.

Later she formed ARD and when the other parties joined ARD, she did secret negotiations with Musharraf.

She maintained her statement that unlike Nawaz Sharif who made a deal to flee prison, she will never make a deal to get relaxation in cases against her but later she made the deal on this single point and came back to Pakistan after NAB director was removed on her will and govt
stopped appearing in cases against her in swiss courts.

When judiciary crisis began PPP participated in rallies and demanded restoration of judges. But later she dropped this point from her election agenda and didn’t make any promise to restore Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry if she would be in power.

Just to remind the readers, the Daughter of the East also supported the killing of hundreds of daughters of the east in Jamia Hafsa and Lal Masjid.

This is what PPP is and its up to the people of Pakistan to trust this part or not who has taken so many U turns and has betrayed the nation so many times.

3 thoughts on “Darogh Go – Haafza Na Bashed – Part 1”

  1. I am an optimist. I still see a someone somewhere struggling die hardly for the cause of people, for the cause of nation, for the cause of PAKISTAN altogether. Crooks enjoyed enough ! Its high time we put them to tough task. They must Face the music now… & Mr. Shakir, you are being too individual and selfish when you talk of solving your problem by spending money on tankers etc. What about those people who don’t even have money for two time meals ?
    Give it a thought !

  2. And remember, there’s no such thing as an honest politician in this country (and in most other countries). Only crooks can get into parliament in Pakistan. You should decide which party is the one who is likely to solve the problems in your locality. I saw that none of the people contesting in my area was capable of solving our problems, so I didn’t vote. We’ll solve our problems (like water shortage, etc.) by spending money on tankers, etc.

  3. Aaahhhh Men ! C’mon !
    You seem to be very young in politics. Politics is other name of CHANGE. Almost every political party changes, reforms, and renews its strategies and agendas as per the situtation and the so called NEED OF TIME. WE should’nt be much bothered by what they dealt and what they didnt with the govt. or military or external forces involved, but we must look up straight towards their present status, agendas and Standing. If they appeal you, Join them, if they don’t appeal, look for some other. You will be spending your time wisely.


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