Cheeni Kam hai– Sugar Less Pakistan

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Now days Pakistan is almost sugar less because of ongoing sugar crisis. The hoarders, mill owners and government officials have made our lives unsweetened. In an agricultural country where sugar cane is a major crop it is strange how the crisis shaped up. Its dearth in the market has made sugar such a commodity which even neighbors don’t want to bestow each other.

In spite of the Supreme courts price fixture of Rs 40 per Kg it has been sold at a rate of around Rs 60 to 80 per Kg. Utility stores are also failed to provide enough amount and low rate sugar for the customers. Hoarding has been done by big stores like Makro. When I was shopping few days back at Makro star gate there was no sugar at display. Upon inquiring they said sugar is available at Rs 62 per kg. I purchased it and they had provided me a separate bill of it. While I was exiting the sales person took the sugar bill from me and said that we are not allowed to let the customers go out with this bill. I protest that I had paid for it and bill has to be provided but he apologizes which made me think that they are black marketing it. The sugar bag has been printed by Makro Habib limited by the brand name “ora” which is not available any where else in the market. Such huge super markets can help the government by reducing prices but customer care is secondary thing.

Whether called self marketing or publicity stunt by some it is commendable that ARY Network took the initiative to raise voice against sugar price hike and hoarding. A week ago they had launched “Cheeni boycott” campaign with a tag line ‘ek koshish (an effort)’ to urge people not to use sugar so that the prices drop. The culinary channel of this network is not showing any sweet dish recipe and broadcasting public service messages by celebrities to support this campaign. The impact of this campaign is a question but effort like this should be appreciated as it is at least making some noise.

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  1. @General


    I agree with you that there should be punishment for the hoarders but it can only be implemented by Government which as u said we don’t have. So what should a common man can do other than Boycott or protest.

    Pakistan achieved so called Sovereign democracy and independent judiciary but still people are unable even to get food items. what can be worse than that?

  2. we are also one of the largest producers of Sugar cane

    we have no shortages, despite our growing population…..the problem is the herders.

    Those herders need a strong heavy beating, and some sense of nationalism before profit.

    we shouldnt waste time talking about “action” taken by the government.

    coz we dont have a ***** government

  3. we are more than self-sufficient in everything from food/sugar and what not.

    the problem is the bloody afghans and the war there. The immoral besharam herders who send the goods out of the country is HUGE quantity, hoping to make quick profit

    this is nothing more than feeding off of human misery….but its also simple economics.

    They need to be made examples out of.

  4. @Hamid

    No harm in opinion difference 🙂 I welcome it.

    I totally agree with you on this the army can fight the hardliners in waziristan but the establishment is held hostage by sugar stokers?
    Y only Army is there to deal with every tough situation?
    The government has failed for sure but my point is for every price hike whether petroleum, flour or sugar people had to raise voice. They had to register protest against it rather excepting it quietly.

  5. @James

    Quite insightful comment.
    In Pakistan Sugar mills are owned by many politicians and they are millionaires and no doubt involved in hoarding and price hike. may be soon they associate sugar prices with international market as they have done in the case of petroleum but for an agricultural country its hard for people to digest it.

  6. @hina
    well said…………bt I feel this time around i will differ wid u a bit………..ARY well haz gained a momentum by this campaign………bt being a media icon hav they started compromising?
    instead of telling us d old tale of restraint why havnt they mobilized there network to reveal the real story behind this drama…………..nd plz pakistan thats what our executives want us to be……….a nation of deaf and dumb………..instead of boycotting the slogan of “accountability” is the need of the time………
    the army can fight the hardliners in waziristan but the establishment is held hostage by sugar stockers?
    nd ofcourse u hav there manifesto that we are here until next 5 years……………i mean what a governance when u dnt hav energy………..gas will also disappear shortly and sugar haz disappeared a long time ago??
    hmm roti kapra aur makan??????

  7. Hi, Hina: Sugar is mostly produced in Brazil and India. Brazil has problems with their supplies because of too much rain and that nearly half of their sugar is being converted to ethanol. India has a shortage because of a dry year. The US produces 85% of its own sugar, and the difference is purchased from Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) more or less unrestricted.

    Sugar is a volatile commodity, more even than petrol, rice or wheat. People will pay whatever it takes, and governments refuse to let normal market forces play because there is so much money to be squeezed out of it by anyone who can get their fingers into the pie. Of course the cost of their busy-bodying ultimately comes down to the individual consumer. In the case of Pakistan, most of your excess is probably going to India, which is driving up the price for you. Sugar is rising in price here, from $.47 per pound three months ago to $.56 today.

    I saw a funny Russian cartoon many years ago, about what was wrong with USSR, just before they went out of business: There were three rows of puppeteers–the top row was pulling strings controlling the second row, the second row was pulling strings controlling the first row, and the first row was pulling strings controlling one little guy at the bottom actually working.
    Same situation, maybe…overpowered with “overhead.”


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