Case of Farah Hameed Dogar: What is the big deal?

Arthur Conan Doyle was decorated with the prestigious title of “Sir” for creating a fictitious mystery solving character viz. Sherlock Holmes and both of them have become legend. We in Pakistan, have no such title for detectives or mystery solving professionals. However, highly qualified journalists like Dr. Shahid Masood, advocate Naeem Bokhari and Ansar Abbasi who have the guts, courage and will to keep on informing people, though media , about the misdeeds of some very honorablea as well powerful judges and Chief justices and likes of them. The nation has acknowledged their endeavors with great applause and admiration.

Latest is the case of Farah Hameed Dogar daughter of none other than the CJ of Pakistan Supreme Court Abdul Hameed Dogar. The only sin of the ambitious poor baby was to appeal for and get just 21 plus marks to enabling her to become a future human serving Pakistani lady Doctor or a specialist in a vast field of this sacred profession. She adopted the normal procedure realizing the fact that being the daughter of a sitting CJ there will be no obstacle in achieving her innocent ambition, as such there are already hundreds of thousand such student who got extra marks enabling them to get admission in different universities, either due the courtesy of their parents holding elite position in government institutions or parliament or having bags full of bucks.

Unfortunately she was ignorant that Mr. Ansar Abbasi was around who smelled the golden opportunity to make a big news out of it, knowing the fact that similar allegations were made by advocate Bokhari against the son of CJ Chaudary. While the advocate was humiliated by his own community, the CJ lost his job and made a hero by lawyers.

There is no denying in appreciating the good work done by Ansar Abbasi, but in his zealot to expose the CJ Dogar of having undue advantage of his position, he forgot to look into the other side of the script. People would like him to expose all those institutions where degrees and grace marks are sold to the bidders. Isn’t it a crime to be mute over countless similar cases? Why to select Farah Dogar? What is the big deal? Are we heading toward turmoil like that of CJ Chaudary? This has not happened something afresh.

In 1993 I met a guy in Karachi who possessed a Master’s Degree and Gold Meddle in Economics from a university without attending a single class and by virtue of that he jumped from the status of a clerk to the seventeen grade officer in a prestigious financial institution. Similarly LLB and other degrees are available in Karachi at affordable price. These institutions and their highly educated personals are responsible for selling degrees and enhancing marks thus producing undeserving professionals of future. Mr. Ansar Abbasi may visit any examination hall during exams and, being an honest outspoken journalist, apprise of the nation of the actual scenario taking place there. Before commencing the exam, papers are out for sale to the sons of elites. In some places you will see examinees placing arms no their desks to frighten and scare invigilators in order to use unfair means of copying from books or material imported from outside the examination hall.

We need to expose the people involved in this gruesome business of destroying our talent and providing opportunities to the undeserving students to capture very highly responsible portfolios in future, which has placed us in the present predicament in all segments of life. Without their eradication every endeavor to streamline the working of all the institutions will be a frivolous exercise. We have to change the entire system if we want to put our nation on the track of progress and prosperity. To expose the mischief of Farah Dogar may prove to be the first drop of rain, but at the moment it is not a big deal, we have to catch all dirty fishes and throw them out of the pond to clean it up once for ever.

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  1. @ Ali Suleman: (I am glad I checked back.) Your comment is hilarious. You are the one who needs to repeat seventh grade. In fact, you need to start from Grade 1. The writer is not being emotional but sarcastic when she mentions that poor baby only wanted to become a doctor and serve her nation…She does not negate herself by saying We need to expose the people involved in this gruesome business of destroying our talent and providing opportunities to the undeserving students. Finish sucking on your lollipop and then we’ll continue with the discussion.

  2. We have to exert more pressure on establishment to imediately stop abuse of power whether its as trivial as a teen boy drivin his dad’s official car. This kind of approach is set by example and punishment. I think its about time we should start or wait till the underpriveleged in the society bring justice by mob. How about favourite sons and favourite daughter? how about entire ruling dynasties of several thousands in Pakistan who have snubbed the right of millions. My conclusion is WHY whats so special about all these looters and cronies. We must bring an end to this massive social injustice. We can see what is happening right now in Pakistan dont we? Ansar Abbasi is being given death threats and Amin Fahim sb daughter without right credentials is appointed first secy to Ireland.
    @ Yusha you can wait till justice is brought to everyone let us pls start from the top.

  3. @ the writer and anyone who thinks this isn’t a big deal

    With due respect, your ‘arguments’ seem to be like of a child that who, after at the end of the alotted time of an exam refuses to give his answer sheet just because ‘the others are still writing’! Whom to start with?
    Use some brains! What do you want? We should all close our eyes and ignore anyone who does something wrong just because someone else in the past escaped it?

    @ the writer

    Your ambiguous, ambivalent, paradoxial writing style is ridiculous! First of all think for yourself what you want to say. At the beginning you’re being emotional, saying that little baby only wanted to become a doctor and serve her nation…
    and at the end you negate your ownself by saying

    “We need to expose the people involved in this gruesome business of destroying our talent and providing opportunities to the undeserving students ”

    Take my advice. Go and repeat your 7th grade and learn to write an opinion based article on a controvercial topic. Then come back and try writing something!

  4. Imran Ahmed, you write good English (unlike most of those writing here) and you talk of boys being caned if they were caught cheating. You sound like you have been educated in a missionary school, like I was. Was it by any chance St. Patrick’s in Saddar, Karachi? (that’s the school where Musharraf-a year ahead of me-was also taught, as was L. K. Advani, though much earlier).

  5. @ Mr Lakhani: I understand that the people who increased her marks are responsible. The reason why I wrote about the girl is because a lot of finger pointing seems to be towards her, which is unacceptable. On the point of those who increased her marks, I understand that it is wrong. The problem is that marks are increased in every single college, whether it is Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka. There are generous teachers who don’t want the student to repeat the entire course for having failed it by only a few marks. If this kind of stuff happens in every single college in these countries, although wrong, I don’t understand why such a big fuss has to be made about this particular case.

    @ Imran: ok, so a judge abusing his power is wrong, and teachers doing the same thing in every single college out there is alright? When you can punish every single teacher out there, we’ll discuss the judge. At the same time, please understand that we are not living in the West. If we were, I could understand all the hype about this case. In developing countries this kind of stuff happens everyday.

  6. Yusha
    Please refer to the section on false analogies.
    How can you not see that for a child to copy homework cannot be compared to a judge exerting unfair pressure on a government department? The latter is a crime punishable by law the former is not. The latter has repercussions on the justice system…
    By the way, in my primary school, copying homework (which I admit is a dishonest act) let you off a caning but did not give you an unfair advantage over others by increasing your marks. If I had been caught copying I would have been caned, it would have been the right punishment and I would have taken it like a man.
    The punishment should fit the crime and wherever there is an opportunity to, the law of the land should be imposed.

  7. Yusha, you are still missing the point: it’s not the fault of the girl, the crime has been committed by those who helped her get the marks increased. They’re the ones who should be punished. As for the girl, it would be much better if she simply left the college and spent another year or two to qualify for medical college.

  8. Yusha, when I was in school and college, students who were caught cheating were punished severely. Just for talking to the guy seated on the table next to his, my friend was suspended from engineering college for 3 years. And my father never approached the math teacher to get my marks raised from 97% to 99% (even though he knew the man well). That was the difference between then and now. My son was put in the evening shift in college because of his low marks. He asked me to give Rs. 3,000 to a political party activist for getting transferred to the morning shift (this was 15 years ago). I refused, and told him to study harder in the next exams.

  9. I give you credit for being man enough to admit copying homework from friends, which is a form of cheating. You also stated that we cannot exempt anyone from the law, in which case the whole of Pakistan should be punished. In fact, every single educated person on this planet should be punished. I don’t see how getting extra marks through copying homework is ok, and getting extra marks through any other way is not.

  10. Forgive me saying so but this “argument” is childishly illogical. Justice Dogar a sitting de facto Judge is caught for crimes punishable by law – namely interfering in the workings of a Government department to the detriment of other examinees and to favour his daughter and also of making false statements to his judicial peers.

    Copying homework from a friend which I did do my dear friend is not punishable as an offence in any penal code, anyway the crime happened 30 years ago and would not be admissable. I have never cheated in an exam and I think it is a despicable act, however it is a misdemeanour when carried out by a child, it becomes a crime when a public servant defrauds the country.

    Even if I were to agree with you that cheating in school by a child is the same as the Chief Justice unfairly pressurizing an education department, the culprits should still be treated according to rules and law. We cannot exempt anybody from the law.

    If I were to extend your argument to its logical conclusion we would not punish anyone for anything. Because we do not hang a baby for spilling milk we should not hang his father for murder??? This is a fallacious analogy.


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