Very very few of the bloggers blog just for themselves. Almost all blog to get read. To get read, visitors are required. So what could be the ways to attract traffic to the blogs. This is the question, whose answer is yet to be delivered absolutely.

World Wide Web (WWW) is full with the sites which offer tips and techniques regarding the boost of blog traffic. You would find infinite number of experts offering their proven methodology to enhance blog traffic. There are many self-proclaimed consultants who ensures you a handsome flow of traffic in exchange of a hefty consultant fee. These clownish consultants would wax long and boring with inane anecdotes.

Internet is a huge place, very huge. Billions of locations exist on this virtual map. But then, there are billions of residents who surf this world daily. So you are bound to receive your fair share of traffic. But the real question is how would you make that traffic not a one timer. The idea is to have such a blog which makes a traffic, becomes a guest, a frequent guest. As in the real world, a guest is a blessing, so is the case on the physical world.

Two things matter when it comes to making a visitor, a guest. The usability of the blog and the content. If the content is rich, fresh, useful and interesting along with an intuitive and un-towering design, your blog stands a very firm chance to host many guests. If the layout annoys your visitors, they wont stay for long. Majority of the web users are instantly turned off by tacky site designs or extreme neon colors. The blinking, sparking and twinkling doesn’t add up to your chances of keeping traffic. Instead they have an adverse effect.

Another thing is to add a personal touch to your blog. In this web 2.0 era, its all about enabling your users. Making them trust you. If your visitors are able to know about you and your blog with just couple of clicks, you are sure bound to win their satisfaction. It should also be noted that in this new era its imperative that your provide an agile and easy method for your visitors to contact you. The mechanism of contacting the blog author should be as hassle free as possible.

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