Blogger and Blogging : Lover and Beloved

The bond between a blogger and blogging is like the nexus between lover and beloved. Both are linked to each other, and both are separate at the same time, like the body and soul, which are together yet they are disparate.

Blogging let the blogger to organize the different elements in such a way that it looks harmonious. Blogger, according to his intellectual capabilities, not only strives to clinch the heterogeneous components, but also due to his God-gifted talents introduces many new and fresh ideas into the society. These new capricious whimsy of blogger gives new dimensions to the values and attitude of the populace.

Blogging runs in the blood of blogger. Blogger does the blogging 24*7. Blogger observes the world through the goggles of blogging. He immerse himself completely in blogging, and a stage comes when they both becomes same thing, yet they can be identified more in their uniqueness and the beauty of their chic nexus.

Blogging is the modern literature, which is not only prolific but also very qualitative. Barriers of old age have gone. Taboos of yesteryears have lost in the mist of past. Freedom of word reigns heavily. Blogging is what comes natural to the bloggers. Blogging has revived the mental exploration of the humans, and they after becoming bloggers, are giving new semantics to the modes of expressions.

Bloggers take care of the feelings of the common people. They try to organize the public feeling. They not only expose the pulse of the society, but also induce new wave of passion and perseverance in the social elements. They are fast becoming a major forces in the true democratic societies across the world.

A true blogger never lets down his/her sweet heart; the blogging.

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