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Those using platform for sometime now are having tough time again. Here is how: Despite the year long ban on Blogspot, it has been working fine for me; it was possible to login and publish. Blogs could be viewed through a one of the free proxies available online.

Then this happened; on January 27, 2007, I was invited to switch to newer version. I did it only for login (that means I opted to login with my Google account leaving every thing else intact because over time I have heavily customized my templates. Since then, I was unable to login and access my dashboard. Frustrated; I wrote to my friends, gurus and experts including blogger support. No body could figure out weather this was a blogger new version problem or it is happening due to ban in place.

I have been thinking other alternatives in the meantime. Can Light Within members living abroad post new material on the blog? Should I get my own domain? Should I leave blogging for those who can and do some thing else for my creative pursuits? One thing is sure that I have to do some thing.

I am still contemplating my future when Sidhusaaheb sent this email:

“I’ve been able to sign in to New Blogger from here, through this proxy. The only problem I faced was that all default links and menu options were in the French language, after signing in. It was not too difficult to make out the ones that I required though.”

And it has worked. Thanks Sidhusaaheb.

But who knows? Please be careful before you switch to new version?

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