Black Magic does not affect only Sinners

There seems to be a widespread belief among Muslims that black magic only affects sinners. This is not true. Black magic can affect anyone. I have personally seen some very religious people being affected by black magic. Even Tablighees get affected by black magic. If a Tablighee and his family members can get affected, anyone can get affected.

If black magic only affected sinners, the first people to have been affected would have been politicians, murderers, rapists etc.

Some people go to black magic victims and tell them to do astaghfar because the magic could have been a result of his/her sins. The only people who need to do astaghfar are those who suggest it to black magic victims.

It is true that a religious person will be able to keep the effects of magic under control whereas it will affect a non religious person more, but black magic will affect both, and create misery in both people’s lives.

Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) was also affected by black magic. So much for black magic only affects sinners.

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  1. >so it is better to refer to Quran and Hadith and develop your own understanding.

    Are you so intelligent that you can develop your own understanding. It is because of this so called own understanding that a lot of people kill others in the name of Islam. There are many other factors and problems that result due to people trying to develop their own understanding. Mohammad Ibn Wahhab also developed his own understanding, and called anything that didn’t make sense to him shirk and bidah (like some wahhabis on this blog). People who develop their own understanding only make others laugh at them. Do you know that according to a recent Saudi fatwa, a man can slap his wife if she overspends? A fatwa due to developing one’s own understanding. There is another where some mullah in Afghanistan has said that it is ok for a person to deny his wife food if she refuses sex. What kind of an animal refuses his wife food if she does not want to have sex. All this is a result of developing one’s own understanding.

  2. Yusha: obviously you have not read all of Imam Abu Hanifa’s books. You’ll be surprised at many of his controversial views. He asked women (whose husbands have disappeared) to wait for 90 years before marrying again.

  3. What I am saying is everything thought at A school is not the end of the world.Imam Wahab was himself a hanbli and many generally accepted practices in Wahabism are that specified by IMAM hanabil but what he emphasised was that it was not enough to go to school it is preffered to go back to the original text to verify and understand. it is the most convenient thing to do to follow a school of fiqh rather than understand its foundation and basis. The schools of thoought were not specified by The Prophet(PBUH) thus following one of the schools does not become an obligation. It is only something ‘preffered” and in principal because it provides EASE. How can you say that one should follow the school of his or her parent … the school of thought was probably selected by one of your forefathers and you have the same choice. This is another problem Imam Wahab identified , people follow whatever they saw there fathers doing while their practise might not be correct so it is better to refer to Quran and Hadith and develop your own understanding. for example in pakistan we follow many things that we adopted from our forefatehers like teegah chelum barsi etc. mind you that the Prophet himself never ordered the teegah or chelum or barsi for any of his companions or wives who died during his lifetime. Imam Wahab uses as evidence an ayah of the Qur’an in which Allah condemns the children of Israel for taking their rabbis as authorities besides Allah. This was because they gave supreme authority to scholars without any critical and evaluative mindset and gave ultimate loyalty and connection to the scholars and creation rather than Allah and his revealed texts. I will try to get the reference of the said ayah InshaAllah.

  4. @Usman: Are you saying that an ordinary person has the amount of knowledge that people like Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafi, Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal and Imam Malik possessed?

    What you are saying can be compared to saying that no one should go to school. Simply reading books at home will suffice. The schools of fiqh protect the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad. It is compulsory to follow the schools of fiqh, and a person has to follow the school that his/her parents follow.

    The reason why people are against Saudis and wahhabis is because anything that doesn’t make sense to them is either shirk or bidah.

    Do not blame schools of fiqh for people’s misbehaviour. We are all brothers and we can pray behind each other, and do everything together. Blaming schools of fiqh for people’s wrong behaviour is like blaming a car for an accident.


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