Bihari Qaumi Movement (BQM) – another split in MQM?

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) was originally formed as Muhajir Qaumi Movement in early 1980s, claiming to protect the rights of Muhajirs, the immigrants who left their homes in India to come to Pakistan in and after 1947. These Muhajirs mainly belonged to Bihar and Uttar Pradesh states of India. Arriving in Karachi, the capital of Pakistan at that time, the Muhajirs settled across the city forming communities and neighborhoods. One such settlement was Orangi Town which, though had a mix of ethnic groups, mainly consists of immigrants from Bihar, India (1947) and Bangladesh (1971).

Orangi Town has a population of approximately 2.5 million although government records insist that it has 700,000 inhabitants. Claimed to be the largest shanty town in the world, Orangi Town has surprisingly high literacy rate. In last 15 years Orangi Town’s demography has substantially changed as Pakhtun refugees fleeing from war in Afghanistan and Taliban conflict in northern Pakistan have settled in this town in large numbers. This has also ignited ongoing clashes between MQM and ANP for land occupation in Orangi Town and elsewhere in Karachi.

Orangi Town is considered as a strong hold of MQM and the Biharis die-hard loyalists of Altaf Hussain. Dr. Imran Farooq, the founder of MQM, was also a Bihari and this contributed a lot in influencing people from Bihar and Orangi Town to join MQM.

During the operation of 1990s, Orangi Town suffered a lot as Bihari youth were rounded up and encountered in huge numbers by law enforcement agencies. In recent years, Orangi Town remained in news due to frequent clashes between MQM and ANP due to which the residents were besieged in their homes for days at length. That, added with the incidents of extortion and street crime, multiplied the physical and financial suffering of the people of Orangi Town.

After recent wave of target killings, the administration banned motorcycle riding in Orangi Town, while pillion riding is already banned in Karachi. A day after the ban was imposed, residents of Orangi Town came out on the streets having a peaceful rally against this ban. However, they were fired upon and two men were killed. This made the administration reverse the decision of motorcycle riding in Orangi Town.

Soon after these incidents there were series of conventions in Orangi Town by a formerly unknown party called Bihari Qaumi Movement. Its leaders, apparently residents of Orangi Town, blamed stakeholders of current government for the situation.

Following video covers one such speech. Listen to the shouts of Jiye Bihari during the speech:

Apparently a member of Bihari Qaumi Movement (BQM) is participating as independent candidate in the by-election of PS-94, seat of Provincial Sindh Assembly vacant after the death of MPA Raza Haider. MQM leaders confirmed that Abdul Haq, one of the three independent candidates, was the former Orangi Town nazim belonging to the party’s Haq Parast Group. The by-election, scheduled for September 22, is postponed till October 17 as MQM has abolished political activities for 10 days to mourn the death of Dr. Imran Farooq.

Is the BQM represents a split in MQM? Will it be another offshoot like MQM Haqiqi? (now known as Muhajir Qaumi Movement and is further branched into Afaq and Aamir groups). Only time will tell. However, MQM has a history of dealing brutally with those that divert from the policies of its Quaid.

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  1. All these are rumours no one can divide MQM but this is the wish of establishment and rivals to split the MQM insha Allah MQM will spread out all over the Pakistan and successfully remove feudal system from Pakistan Altaf Hussain Bhai is the last hope of poor people of Pakistan so i appeal to people of Pakistan pls suport Altaf Hussain Bhai and change your destiny.

  2. Allah (Subhan utallah) ko zulm pasand nahee

    the final solution for who make terror and made life misreable for comman people and also islam is against it in my opinion the solution is more suitable.


    One can pardone other (Qasaas /diyat) but this is beyond the limits of Allah (Subhan utallah) Law mentioned in last revelation (Quran Karim)

  3. i m really surprised to know a new stablished party named BIHARI QAUMI MOVEMENT,it is a good sign to handle local problems specially local developmentof th area, roads ,water, saverage,education and a big problem creating a hatrates amongs bihari and pathan.Pathans are also settled here as Biharis are,and both communities r peace they come against others it must be a DEEP SHAZISH.BQM leaders shud handle these problems and solve these carefully.Leaders of ANP and BQM are muslim and loyal pakistai .They are form poor communities they are labourers they are struggling hard to get thenselves stabilities their families and childrens.
    MQM is a national party not only for the cause of BIHARI and PATHAN but ALL PAKISTANI has claims of their problems WITH this party. Both M Q M and ANP leaders must consider their responsiblities and think over their enemies who are behind them and making creating DUSHMAY.
    ap ka bhyee m shamim ahmed

  4. It seems like a joke to me. I dont know whats this new point to highlight MQM again. In my opinion I do not see any point to give that much importance to MQM. Why everyone is talking about MQM? lol seems like its the biggest party of Pakistani political setup! well I feel like all other parties MQM is also a political power with a very huge vote bank. All the political parties have goods and bads in them. so please stop talking about a particular party. and talk in general like ‘Pakistani Political Parties”. No one is washed with milk here 🙂

  5. Come on Yara! You mean to say that MQM is pious, please wake up, MQM was the part of establishment in Musharraf regime, so please not put everything on them ok,
    As a citizen of Karachi I believe its nothing but a power game between ANP MQM and some other parties of Karachi and as a major stake holder ANP & MQM are the most responsible political forces for all this mess

  6. Abdul Haq named in this article as member of BQM and former town Nazim is actually current MQM orangi Sector Incharge.
    This is the height of lies spread against MQM.
    BQM is a failed plan of dividing Urdu speaks into other groups, BQM leader is Shakir alam belongs from PML N and brother of PPP Mafia Guddo Bihari.

  7. This Article is another attempt to try to portray as there is unrest within MQM. The Army and the Establishment had tried so many times to portray this earlier by forming Haqiqi Terrorists Group, by propagating about so-called “Back-Group” during 1995-96 and now this BQM which actually do not exists anywhere in the world.

    People must keep in minds that Educated People of Karachi and now all over Pakistan trust fully on the Leadership of MQM and they have minds to think and realize these negative tactics to destabilize MQM.

    Neither Dr. Imran Farooq went against MQM and Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain nor the Majority of Biharis can think over it. There are some criminal elements like “Guddu Bihari” who are actually the puppet of Establishment and used to be spread hatred among the people.

    I strongly condemn the author of this article to spread rumors and hatred instead of preaching harmony.

  8. Imran Farooqi was the leader of Bihari Qaumi movement. luckily i already knew k Imran Frooqi was establishing another party but i had no idea abt this bihari matter and i think he was killed on this.. i appreciate Mr Kashif the writer for having such an in-depth approach


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